The Easiest TGivs Dinner and a Giveaway


Last week you may have seen this post all about Friendsgiving, well I have to confess: that was the first time I’d ever hosted one.  And I LOVED it!  Most of all I loved how easy the menu was.  Do you remember that show “Semi-homemade with Sandra Lee”?  I used to be completely obsessed.  The show is all about mixing store-made items with some homemade stuff and showing different ways to jazz up store bought items leaving all kinds of time to add some special touches and a gorgeous tablescape.  So when Raley’s contacted me and asked me to try one of their (pre-cooked and trussed) Diestel Turkeys and write about it on my blog. I was all in!

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Friendsgiving Tips, Tricks, and Crafts

Friendsgiving Tips, Tricks, and Crafts With Thanksgiving just around the corner, consider hosting a Friendsgiving.  It’s a great excuse to get together with friends and test out your TGivs recipes before the BIG day.  Plus, for some people their friends are their family.  I wanted to share my have tips and tricks to make it the best holiday yet!

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