3 Easy Salads for 1

3 Easy Salads for 1

“What’s for dinner?” is the crowned champion of questions in many households, but “What do you eat for lunch?” is coming in a close second amongst moms.  I was on a “Moms and Kids” forum last week and a new mom was asking this very question.  The answers were interesting and varied.  I prefer to eat my lunch in kidless silence while watching something juicy on TV.  The honest truth, for me anyway, is that I typically eat leftovers.  But when there aren’t any left, or if it’s something too heavy for the middle of the day, or I just don’t feel like that right now I like to make a salad.  I fancy myself a bit of a salad connoisseur.  I really love any and all salads from fancy shmancy down to a pizza parlor salad bar.  There’s just something about the way sunflower seeds mingle with beets, croutons, and ranch.  Anyway, today I’m offering up three really delicious salad options anyone can make at home for just one person.  Each salad has it’s own unique home-made salad dressing.  It’s really not as difficult as it sounds!  When you taste your own fresh-made dressing, you’ll never go back to the bottled stuff!

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