Valentine’s Gifts for Teachers and Grandparents

Valentine's Gifts for Teachers and Grandparents

Like most kids, my kids like to receive gifts anytime.  However, I am thankful that they also enjoy giving gifts.  This upcoming holiday is a perfect time to offer a sweet sentiment to the people that add so much fun, value, and excitement to my kids lives.  We are very lucky to have two sets of grandparents that love my kids as their own.  We are also lucky to have so many amazing teachers involved in their education.  This is why I am constantly on the lookout for some really fun Valentine’s gifts for teachers and grandparents.  I’ve got a round-up of 7 Grandparents gifts and 7 teachers gifts.

For more inspiring Valentine’s gifts for teachers and grandparents follow my Valentine’s Day Board here or follow all my boards here.

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Good Day Goodies!

Hey mamas!

Here are the videos from today.  Part 1 and part 2.

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IMG_5917 IMG_5918

Here are the links to the individual posts about meatloaf cupcakes, heart hand craft, argyle heart wreath, and cupid chow teacher gift idea.

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Valentine’s Day

It’s less than a month from Valentine’s Day so I thought I’d share a few things I’ve done in years past to make the holiday extra special.  Some of these things will have tutorials over the next few weeks.  Enjoy!


Lyla made these marshmallow pops for her grandparents all by herself last year.


These were the Valentine’s she made for her class last year.  I printed them and cut them.  She wrote her name and put the glow stick in.


These are the Valentine’s she gave out the year before last.  I printed and cut them and she wrote her name, added glitter, and added the goggly eyes.


Each night we put balloons on the kids doors.  They love the balloons!