5 Grain Stuffed Peppers

5 Grain Stuffed Peppers

I fell in love with all things culinary when I was little.  My Grandma would serve multiple courses at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, when I graduated from fruit cocktail to shrimp cocktail I felt pretty refined.  After working in restaurants, planning weddings, taking food and wine classes, and watching copious amounts of Food Network you could say I’m definitely a culinary enthusiast.  Each Thursday I will feature something related to my culinary passion. I hope you enjoy todays 5 Grain Stuffed Peppers recipe!

Since my husband wanted to add more veggies into his diet, I’ve been trying new recipes with things I know he would like that are loaded with veggies.  I looked through a ton of recipes for stuffed peppers (I love bell peppers!) and I just couldn’t find one that I really liked so I created my own recipe using the others as a guide.  If your kids aren’t into stuffed peppers just spoon out the filling for them (it will still have the delicious pepper flavor) and keep the cooked pepper to add to some sausages and onions for another meal.  Please know that all but one of my peppers was meatless.  I added some browned sausage to my husband’s pepper to beef up the protein.  Raley’s 5 Grains adds great nutritional value and an invited change to the typical rice.  The colorful peppers add flair to your typical weeknight meal.  You have to try my 5 Grain Stuffed Peppers.

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