Flowers, Teachers, and Big Boy Beds

Flowers, Teachers, and Big Boy Beds Restaurant night at school, PTA meeting, the 100th day of school celebration, Catholic Schools Week, Special Friends Day and mass, Girl Scout Meeting, and on and on and on.  Last week was a blur of activity!  With school-aged little ones in the house, it seems most weeks are like that .  But, I did take the time to smell these gorgeous flowers above from the flower section at Whole Foods.  It’s right next to the juice bar and they have been carrying freesia, lilies, hyacinth, and ranunculus lately.  Ahhh… ♥!

Here are a few other highlights from this week that added a little extra pep in my step.

Flowers, Teachers, and Big Boy Beds

My niece invited me to her “Grandparents and Special Friends” day and mass at her school.  She goes to my old school.  Despite arriving slightly late and getting pooped on by a bird while walking in, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  There’s just something about that school, those bricks, that makes me feel like I’m home.  They held mass in the gym and I sat next to my Kindergarten teacher, my third grade teacher, and the librarian.  Too funny!  I was definitely on my best behavior.  My Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Pollaci, is one of my favorite teachers ever.  She used to sing everything all the time, she always played instruments, and we did several plays that year.  She wore the same lovely smelling perfume everyday and she always topped her dresses with fur-lined capes on cold days.  She was ahead of her time considering I was in Kinder in the 80s.  She is a cancer survivor and an inspiration.  I am so thankful I got to sit next to her, hear her voice, and smell that same perfume.

Flowers, Teachers, and Big Boy Beds

My niece, Hope, is in the 8th grade and today is her 14th birthday.  She has a beautiful singing voice and really loves being a part of the choir at school.  At this special mass the 8th grade choir girls dedicated “Beneath My Wings” to the people they invited to the mass.  It was so moving and beautiful, it made me cry.  After mass, I took Hope to lunch and she gave me the sweetest card.  I love this teenager and I feel so special to be a part of her life.

Flowers, Teachers, and Big Boy Beds

This is Lyla’s 10oth day of school project.  She and her dad worked on this project together.  They had many different options conceptualized, but this is the one the eventually decided on and executed.  It’s Lyla’s brain child.  She is so proud of it.  The best part was seeing her over-the-top excitement about going to school for the “Zero the Hero” celebration.  I love seeing enthusiasm for school.

Flowers, Teachers, and Big Boy Beds

A bittersweet moment.  My three year old little boy sleeping in a toddler bed.  Yes, it’s still his crib, but it’s no longer a proper crib.  We probably should have done this a year ago or so, but his desire to stay in his crib has been steadfast.  Whenever we’ve brought up covering his crib, the tears have flowed.  So we just didn’t push it.  The fact is that he is almost too big!  Too long and almost too heavy for weight requirement.  Seeing him take a nap and not try to get out or abuse his newfound freedom in any way made me so happy and so proud of this little man.

How was your week?






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