Babies, Valentine’s Day, and the Tooth Fairy

Babies, Valentine's Day, and the Tooth Fairy

Love is in the air at Casa de Rino!  Adding seasonal flair to my home has been especially fun over the last several months because my kids have been getting so into decorating.  My daughter is always pushing me to get the decor out weeks in advance.  My son loves to go around and talk about each item.  It’s really sweet.  I save all the craft projects from the previous years the kids made and I really enjoy displaying them.  You can see last year’s Valentine’s Day decor here.

Babies, Valentine's Day, and the Tooth Fairy

A few other things that brought me joy this week:

  • A sunny outing with the kids, my hubby, and I around our neighborhood.  Our little ones love taking their scooters on the trails.  We stopped at a fave family spot, this huge old oak.  It’s fun to watch them climb all over it.  Bonus: swinging on the trapeze made me feel like a kid again.
  • Visiting two new babies.  There is nothing more beautiful than the look on a new mother’s face when she gazes at her baby.  Snuggling those little babes and smelling their sweet newborn skin is pretty life affirming too.
  • Spending time with dear friends that inspire me, make me laugh, and lift me up.  There’s nothing better than moments that have you chuckling even hours later.  The best kind of therapy.

Babies, Valentine's Day, and the Tooth Fairy

  • And, this little lady lost another tooth this week.  She was so excited to put it under her pillow and even more excited when she woke up in the morning.  I love that sweet smile.

Be sure to follow me on instagram @mamamomtourage for more happy moments throughout the week.  What made you happy this week?




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