Best Bra Buying Guide

Best Bra Buying Guide

Our boobs are very dear to our hearts.  <—–See what I did there?  Over the years, they’ve gotten us attention, fed our children, made our swimsuits stay in place, and are always a good time.  If yours are anything like mine, they’ve had quite the evolution of growth and, unfortunately, shrinkage leaving me constantly in search of the best fitting over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder for the latest state of my girls.  It drives me crazy!  All I really want are a sizable set of twins that look happy and stand alone.  Is that too much to ask?  Sometimes when I take my bra off I feel like I hear the old “wah, wah” sound effect.

The other day, it struck me that I really needed the Best Bra Buying Guide in my life.  I was wearing a bra from Target that was probably 6 years old.  It had misshapen cups, squeaked when I moved my arms (WTH?), and had a gap in one cup (Ahhh, the joys of having kids).  Sounds like a real beaut, amIright?  It had been far too long since I’d bought any “good” bras.  There really is nothing better than the best fitting bra.  It can make your whole day better.  So I went to the store, got fitted, and tried some about 25.  I left $60 lighter but way perkier than when I went in to the store.  Finally, my best bra!

Here’s a roundup of tips and tricks from Pinterest that add up to the Best Bra Buying Guide.  You can follow my Fashion Board here or see all my boards here.


Best Bra Buying Guide

Yes, You Deserve a Good Fitting Bra (and underwear) from Wink n Pout

 This is a great guide for when you’re in the dressing room trying on.  This helps you see if this bra is actually the best bra to buy.

Best Bra Buying Guide

Best Bra Breast Type from Refinery29

 Refinery29 never fails to offer seriously useful information in an easy to read format.  I love this guide because it gives you the right tools for when you go to the store.  You can tell the salesperson exactly what type of bra you think you want to try.

Best Bra Buying Guide6 Steps to Bra Fitting from Good Housekeeping

 This article is about Susan Nethero who has, according to the article, “helped 10,000 breasts look better”.  Yeah, I want to know what she knows too.  I never knew that my boobs are supposed to sit halfway between your shoulder and elbow.

Best Bra Buying Guide

Which Bras Actually Look Seamless Under a T-Shirt from WhoWhatWear

This is a great article!  She shows you great bras and what they look like under a T-shirt.  Sometimes I wonder about how that lacy pretty little thing will look…


Best Bra Buying Guide

Look Five Pounds Thinner with the Right Bra from You Beauty

5 pounds thinner without diet and exercise?  Yes please!  Plus there are some tips to help you decide when to toss and when to keep your bras.

Best Bra Buying Guide

18 Gorgeous Bras for Big Busts from Cosmo

I have never had the good fortune of having this problem, but I know it is an issue for many women.  Note: Most large busted women would tell you they would love to swap with a small busted woman most days.  Anyway, this article has some great options!


Best Bra Buying Guide

The 10 Best Sports Bras for Women with Big Busts from Fox News

I just had a conversation with some girlfriends about this.  I’m so glad to see there are some great options with awesome support.

Best Bra Buying Guide

How to Pick the Best Nursing Bra for You from Life with my Littles

You just had a baby and you’re praying your milk comes in, you’re trying to figure out the latch, and you can’t find your boppy.  The last thing you want to worry about is what kind of nursing bra you should be wearing.  This article has some really helpful info.

Best Bra Buying Guide

Maternity and Nursing Bra Buyer’s Guide from Best for Babes

Another one for the nursing moms.  I wish I had read some of these articles before I had my first child.

I really hope my Best Bra Buying Guide gave you a lift in the right direction.  You can follow my Fashion Board here or see all my boards here.




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