Table Topics and MLK Lessons


One of my happiest moments of the week came just last night at dinner with my hubby and kiddos.  We were using Table Topics to start conversations and I just loved all the responses.  It was such a fun experience to hear answers from my kids to questions like “Where is the most beautiful drive you’ve taken?”.  After that I asked my daughter to explain to her brother what she learned in school about Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  I was very proud and very impressed to hear that what her teacher had explained to her had really stayed with her.  I volunteered in her classroom last week and was present for the lesson.  Listening to my daughter speak about how unfair those times were really touched me, I think Dr. King Jr. would have been very proud to hear that much passion from such a little person.  Who knew that Table Topics and MLK lessons could bring so much happiness?

header photo 2

 A few other things that brought me joy this week:

What made you happy this week?  Have you tried Table Topics at family dinners with your kiddos?




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