Annual Goals

inner peaceBeautifully designed quote via Pinterest

New year, new you.  Are you tired of hearing that yet?  I know I am!  Every new year I try to evaluate the previous year and take inventory.  I like to review my year on four different levels:

  • personal growth
  • motherhood
  • love life
  • professional endeavors

Once I take a truly honest look at the previous year, I decide how and where I want to improve.  From that I’ll set goals, then set up steps to achieve them.  One rule I follow: do NOT to set a goal about acquiring material items.  (However, a material item might be a step to your final goal.)

For me, goal setting is about my journey to be a better person.  The more I try to better myself, the more my children will see that self improvement is something that never stops.  Realizing that I am always evolving means that if I had a bad day with a particular goal, there’s always tomorrow.  This process seems easier to achieve knowing that one mis-step won’t derail my entire goal.  Long ago I realized that life experiences, no matter how joyful, sorrowful, or frustrating are all a part of my journey.  Each experience I have is unique to me and reflecting on my thoughts about those experiences helps me decide how to move forward as a wiser person.

One of my goals for 2015 is to take better care of myself.  I think this is something most moms can relate to.  We spend our days taking care of kids, building our careers, cleaning the house, making meals, figuring and re-figuring logistics, and ensuring that every member of our family is happy, healthy, and loving life.  For me, that means that some days I don’t get a chance to do things (small things and large things) that make me happy or help to make me a healthier person.  This year I am going to make sure I put myself on top of the priority list more often.  My brain knows this will make me a better person and a better, happier mom, but some days it’s very difficult for me to actually implement.  Thankfully I have a plan!

Did you make any goals or resolutions?  I would love to hear about them!




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