Barking Seals and Bathroom Adventures

vacation recap collage

Over the holiday break I enjoyed taking time to be more electronically disconnected.  I intentionally left my phone at home or on silent and looked at the computer less than once a day.  My husband took the time off work and we did so many fun things together.  This time of year is always busy for us because my daughter’s birthday is December 28th.  You can read more about how I try to separate the two occasions here.  It was a good break, but I’m back with a recap of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Dec collage

We kicked off our vacation with a little trip to the coast with my family.  We had a picnic overlooking the ocean at Ano Nuevo State Park, a park famous for their Elephant Seals.  We explored and learned a lot about the enormous creatures that come here annually.  We went back to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve for the 5th lowest tide of the year.  It was so different than just six months ago!  The seals were all grown up and barking away.


Christmas came and went in a blur of fun, family, friends, and food.  We went to two family gatherings on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and had my family over for Christmas morning.  The kiddos loved seeing Santa’s footprints.

6th birthday collage

Just a few days later my little angel turned 6.  She’s such a special little person.  We changed up her morning door decor with a little obstacle course, she enjoyed her favorite cinnamon roll (it’s the size of a dinner plate, comes with a steak knife sticking out of it, and swimming in a pool of frosting) at Sutter Street Grill.

Xmas Collage

Her big gift was a “ladies only” trip to San Francisco with my niece and my mom.  Lyla loves this city, you may remember that from this post.  We had a fancy ladies lunch at the beautiful Rotunda at Neiman Marcus, checked out the holiday decor (22 foot gingerbread house!  Indoor snow!), went ice skating, breakfast at the beach, and explored the city.  Her dreams came true by getting a chance to ride BART (if she only knew), streetcars, and a very festive Cable Car.

Our first bathroom adventure happened right when we arrived in SF.  After the drive and BART ride, she ran to the bathroom in our hotel room and LOCKED HERSELF IN.  She wasn’t panicking at all and my mom was lying on the ground calmly talking to her through the decorative little grate you sometimes see on old doors. (We were staying at a very old hotel.)  Meanwhile, I was going crazy while frantically searching my purse and the hotel room for a shiv or something to pop open the door, next I tried to kick the door in, then I tried to pull the door open by the knob.  I pulled so hard that the knob came clean out of the door!  At that point I called maintenance for help.  Lyla was still calmly giving my mom a tour of the bathroom while I tried to put the knob back like nothing had ever happened.  The maintenance guy came in and tried to open the door too.  You should have seen the look on his face when he pulled the knob off… Whoopsie!  Anyway, she was out in no time and that is the first thing she tells people about her trip.

On the way home from SF we made a bathroom stop at a McDonald’s.  When I was in there alone the power went out.  I  am afraid of the dark… it was so dark.  When I felt my way out of the stall (ew!) I realized that my leggings were still down around my ankles.  I yanked them up as the lights were going on: front wedgie central.  Just then a 100 year old lady walked in and just stared at me for a good 30 seconds, I was standing with my tunic tucked into my leggings, wedgie and all… Awesome.

fireworks image

We welcomed the New Year with a double case of crappy Croup at home with several cool mist humidifiers, Tylenol, and barking seals.  I spent NYD at urgent care getting some assistance for a very sick little man.

Kurios collage

Over the past weekend, everyone appeared to be on the mend!  So we decided to take the kids on a planned day trip to San Francisco with my in-laws.  We had lunch at Gott’s Roadside and saw Cirque du Soleil’s Kurios.  The show was amazing!  The kids loved the invisible circus and I loved the unbelievable stunting at the end, it took me back to my cheer days at SMC.

While at Kurios, my daughter needed to make an emergency run out of the tent to the bathroom.  (I think she ate too much at lunch considering she had eaten next to nothing while sick and her stomach was not happy about it.)  Thankfully, I ran into the family portable bathroom (larger, individual, and with a sink).  Once inside things were not pretty.  I spent more time than I care to remember cleaning the floor and hand-washing her boots and pants.  Let’s just say I learned I can do a lot with foaming hand soap, two rolls of paper towels, and three rolls of toilet paper.  Since I left my purse under the big top, I was thankful to find an old perfume sample in the jacket pocket, unfortunately the scent was the kind only an old lady could love.  We walked out with our heads held high, smelling like roses, and the bathroom was definitely cleaner than when we entered it.  Lyla has declared that Rinos and bathrooms do not get along in “the City”.  She might just be on to something.

I hope you all had a great time over the holidays.  Over the break I spent some time re-thinking parts of this site and I am so excited to roll out some exciting changes and additions over the next few months.  Stay tuned!




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