Gift Guide: Smart, Courageous Little Ladies + A GIVEAWAY

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Thanks heaven for little girls!  They’re so smart, sweet, and lovable.  I’m having the BEST time ever watching my little girl grow right before my very eyes.  She’s definitely a girly girl that loves her perfume, gloss, and jewels.  But she’s also has a scientific mind with a ton of artistic talent.  I want to foster each little characteristic that she embodies.  So this girly gift guide is very “Lyla Minded”.  I hope you enjoy.




Hello Kitty Lunch Box with 100 Piece Puzzle

Let’s first start with a GIVEAWAY!!!!  This adorable tin lunch box actually holds an adorable 100 piece puzzle.  This can be yours!  See the info below on how to win!

story cubes

Rory’s Story Cubes $7.99

Let your imagination roll with Rory’s Story Cubes. This game can be enjoyed by the entire family.  Rory’s Story Cubes includes: 9 cubes, 54 images, storage bag, and 10,000,000+ combos infinite stories.

dream and wish collage

Dream Big Little Pig $13.14 + Peace Sign Wish Bracelet $10 = Inspirational Gift $23.14

Poppy is a waddling, toddling pig with big dreams. She wants to be a star! But she soon discovers that’s not as easy as it sounds. It’s only when Poppy feels the magic of gliding and sliding, swirling and twirling on ice that our most persistent pig truly believes in herself: Poppy, star of the rink!


A 14k gold-dipped peace-sign ornament graces a tie-on bracelet that’s meant to carry a sweet wish with her wherever she goes.


It starts with a dream worth wishing for and turns into endless possibilities.  Dream Big Little Pig!

crystal ornament

Agate Slice Ornament $14.00

I really like getting an ornament each year that embodies something she did or liked that year.  This year she has continued to be crystal crazy.  These are gorgeous.

laser laces

Laser Laces LED Shoelaces $14.99

The sun is going down earlier and earlier.  Light up the fun with these LED laces!


Bananagrams $14.99

 “Bananagrams is a fast and fun word game that requires no pencil, paper or board. All you need is a table. One hand can be played in as little as five minutes. It is a great for family fun as well as being educational. Bananagrams portability makes it perfect for travel. Just grab the pouch and go.

Perfect for the budding reader and those learning sight words.

squirrel game

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game $17.99

Your forest friends are hungry and they need your help! Spin the spinner, squeeze the matching colored acorn with your Squirrel Squeezers, and place it into your log. Be the first to your log with delicious acorns and you win! You could also spin “pick an acorn,” “steal an acorn,” or “lose an acorn,” so be strategic, little squirrel!


Illustory Make Your Own Book Kit $18.39

Imagine your child’s face when she or he sees their own story and drawings made into a professionally typeset, hardbound book! With this multi-award winning kit, you simply have your child write and illustrate their story using the materials supplied in the kit, which are then mailed in (in the pre-paid envelope provided) for publication.

You’ll soon receive a beautiful, professionally typeset, hardcover book with up to 20 pages, complete with an “about the author page”, title and dedication pages and your little author’s name, title and drawing laminated on the cover. Extras books are optional and make great gifts for grandparents.

Super adorable and creative!

embroidery set

Butterfly Embroidery Kit $19.99

YES!  I’ve been looking for something like this.  I’ve been to Joann’s a million times trying to get all the pieces that would make up this kit.  But then I get confused and quit.  Finally, someone did all the work for me!


Foldable Headphones $20

With all the homework that has to be done on the computer we’ve been in need of some headphones that all work for small and sensitive ears.  Truth is, I do a lot of Lyla’s homework at coffee shops so I can do my work too.  And she has a hard time hearing what the computer is saying.  So we’ve tried several different head phones and non have worked until these.  I also love the price and that they are foldable!

frozen singalong

Disney Frozen Cool Tunes Sing Along Boombox $22.97

For the girls that still can’t “Let It Go”!

Ana and Elsa Poster

Sisters Forever Frozen Canvas Art Print $24.99

How cute is this?!

Science Set

Primary Science Lab Set $24.99

Go mad over science with these real tools! Sized for little hands, this colorful set entices children to experiment and explore. Includes beaker, magnifying glass, funnel, test tubes and more, all made of durable plastic. Also includes Activity Guide and Cards with fun, easy-to-do experiments.

Let’s get more girls interested in science!

goldibloxGoldieBlox and the Movie Machine $29.99

GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine teaches kids how to make their own movies. A story + construction kit—in GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine, Goldie and her gang of friends team up to invent a solution and save the Bloxtown Film Festival from being canceled. Kids learn how to build a zoetrope, a pre-cinema animation device, while learning about illustration and animation. New characters + pieces! GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine introduces Li Gravity and Valentina Voltz, the series first male and Latina characters, as well as newly engineered pieces that are compatible with all GoldieBlox sets.

This is super similar to what my daughter has been doing at her Early Engineers class.  She really loves that class!

PonchoZulily Aqua Tribal Poncho & Boho Headband $29.99

Super crazy adorable!

cosutmeSuper Hero Amazing Girl Costume $29.99

Yes!  Girls that dress up doesn’t always have to mean princesses!

jewelry boxAbigail Medium Jewelry Box $49

I bought one of these for Lou when she was a baby.  She still loves the music and the ballerina going around and around.  Get it personalized for a sweet touch.

Larken-Boot-Raspberry-Fuschia-Navy-Main-page-001Bumbums & Baubles Larken Boot Raspberry $59.95

I cannot say enough about BumBums.  You can read more about how the company came to be here.  But what you really need to know is that these shoes are stylish and built to last.  This company also stands buy their product, so if you ever have a problem email them.  These booties are too cute!

snow ball comboSnowtime Snowballs $30 + Inflatable Snow Castle $49 = The Most Epic Indoor Snowball Fight $79

Do you ever find yourself sitting at home with your kids on a rainy Sunday afternoon and thinking, wow, I would love to build a snow castle and have a snowball fight? Now you can with this inflatable snow castle, perfect for letting your child’s imagination run free. Combine with Snowtime Anytime’s indoor snowballs for an all-out snowball war set in the noble kingdom of the living room or the dark dungeon that is the basement.

Way too much fun!!!

dollSpecial Edition Penelope Equestrian Götz Doll $95

For the horse and doll loving little girl

This limited edition, collectible-quality doll celebrates all things equestrian. Crafted exclusively for Pottery Barn Kids by world-renowned doll manufacturer, Götz, she comes dressed in an authentic riding-tournament outfit, which includes a riding hat, jacket, shirt, pants and boots.

magic treehouseMagic Tree House Boxed Set, Books 1 to 28 $99.97

These books are perfect for young readers, but they are also great for any children.  The series is about and sister and brother that have a treehouse that takes them to different lands and times.  They work together (with friends along the way) to solve problems.  We have several of these books and both kids really love listening to the stories.

music-motion-box-e6012Music Motion – Marble Railway $127.27

My in-laws have something similar in their house.  The kids have to try it each time they go.  Your child can use their creative mind to see where they want the marble to go.  Love that!

Congrats to Miranda F, she is our winner.

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