Gift Guide: White Elephant Under $25

Header CollageWho doesn’t LOVE a White Elephant Gift Exchange?  It’s always a super fun time, but there are a few things to take into consideration before the party:

  • If you’re the hostess, be sure to plainly announce the cap dollar amount the gifts need to be.  At the party, right before the exchange, fully explain the rules.  This game has changed over the years and some people choose to do things differently than others and that’s OK, just make sure you tell your guests how YOU play.  Throughout the game the host/hostess needs to police the game to make sure things are being played by the rules announced.
  • If you are the guest, do NOT bring something that is more than the name dollar amount.  Conversely, don’t bring something too low either.  And take the group into context when selecting your gift.  If it’s a work function, don’t buy something too crude or inappropriate.  Finally, before the fun commences, ask the host what the rules are and play by them.

A few that always get stolen are: lottery tickets, bottles of cheap wine, cash, gift cards, and obnoxiously tacky holiday themed throw pillows.  Other than that, here are a few to consider.

Ladies Night – Things’s they’ll actually want… 

wine glass bottle

Glass a Day Bottle Wine Glass $18

Pretty funny and sometimes true.  Ha!

rough day

Rough Day Wine Glass Set $15

A hilarious and useful way to “self medicate”.


NYX Be Free Palette $20

It’s clear I love this super affordable brand!  A palette is a great way to experience the quality without trying a full size product.

Release your imagination and be free with your beauty! Use any of the 25 eye shadows varying in matte and shimmer finishes in neutral and majestic hues and discover infinite eye looks. Complete your illustrious look by choosing from 3 blooming shades of blush and 7 succulent lip glosses for an extra delight of shine.

cat towel

Bandit Kitty Tea Towel $14.99

I mean, just too cute!

wine sippy

Wine Sippy Cup $20

A dear friend gifted this to me last Christmas and everyone has been envying it all year!  Def a crowd pleaser!

Mystery Necklace

Mystery Necklace Box $20

I do love jewels and surprises!

A pair of gleaming goldtone chain necklaces are matched with six mystery charms that will only be revealed upon opening. With each one a surprise, they offer lots of options for grouping or gifting.

das horn

DAS HORN Drinking Horn $25

Sort of a guy thing, but I love the horn.  Attractive and funny.

Perfect for Any Crowd


Sunburst Wine Cork Trivet $12.26

The answer of what to do with all those wine corks!

grumpy cat xmas soundtrack

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever Soundtrack $12.29

Apparently Grumpy Cat is sweeping the nation, so I thought I’d add something of his to the list.  I have it on good authority that his movie is actually pretty funny.

vodka mug

There’s a Chance This is Vodka Mug $9.95

Just keep em’ guessing!


Awkward Family Photos Game $16.06

I really love scrolling through all the funny pics on pinterest, so a game sounds like a good time!

An interactive version of the popular web site, this game showcases hilariously odd real-life pictures. Come up with the funniest answers, and you might be the winner.

Leg Mug

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Crate Mug $24

A classic in a useful medium.  Almost everyone can get a chuckle out of this!

HaHa – Beware!  Know your audience before gifting these…

buttowel--1Butt/Face Towel $24.95

I mean, this is good to know…

TPMoney Toilet Paper Roll $8

Like flushing money down the drain…

natural HarvestNatural Harvest: A collection of semen-based recipes $18.50

Check out my other Gift Guides for even more ideas: Hostess Gift Guide and Baby’s First Christmas




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