A few of my favorite things…

fave from 2013

The holidays are making this memory maker a little stressed out!  You guys, my advent calendar is not stuffed or up!  I haven’t even got my Christmas decorations in places I really like yet.  Ahhhhhh!  I blame the short distance between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  And those damn radio ads that keep talking about how many days there are until Christmas… Anyway, I’m procrastinating because I have decorators block by looking back at a few things that rocked my family’s world over the past few years…



Holiday Card as Caller ID Photo

I love getting holiday cards, it’s one of my favorite parts of this season.  I also like to take a photo of them and assign them as the image that appears when people call or text me.  Instructions in the link above.

footprints collage

Make Santa’s Footprints

We’ve done this every year.  The kids always love the sparkling snow of Santa’s snowy boot prints around the fireplace.  Get the lowdown in the link.

B and Lou with lights

Try a Christmas Light Photoshoot

We took these pics almost **gasp** three years ago!  I cannot believe that!  The soft light adds some magic… especially on baby chub!  If you’re lucky enough to have a chubby little baby this Christmas make some memories and take these photos!


Portable North Pole

Another dose of magic.  Try the Portable North Pole, it really drives the point home!

cran-orange Collage

Cranberry Orange Scones

If all this holiday magic has you stressed, calm down while you make these delicious scones.  They’re great for a crowd.




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