Thanksgiving Style

header collage

I just love the soft color palette that comes with Thanksgiving decor.  I really embraced sunflowers, large pumpkins, and acorns this year.  Here’s a look at what my house looks like around Thanksgiving.


 I am seriously LOVING this floral arrangement from Trader Joe’s.  Sunflowers and peppers… so cute.  The sign is from Rod Works this year.


 The living room decor transitioned from Halloween to TGivs by just removing anything black and scary.  I added some ceramic turkeys, owls, and more pumpkins.  Why yes, I did re-do my shelf and media cabinet.  Thanks for noticing.  Full tutorial coming soon!


See, I wasn’t kidding about the pumpkins.  I love them on these large candle holders.  I added some battery-operated string lights on the mantle and on the sofa table.  They’re fun when I turn them on at night.  I also added those oversized acorns this year because my daughter’s school mascot is the Acorn.  No, again, not kidding.  Go nuts!


This sign greets my guests in our entryway.


 Speaking of the entryway, here’s the gallery wall dressed up for Thanksgiving.  I kept the white frames in the same spots from the Halloween installation, but I filled them with some different items.  It took me a while to actually complete it.  I just wasn’t happy with anything I put up.  I picked up the dapper “turkey in a top hat” from Not Too Shabby this year.  It’s hard to see from these pics, but he’s very fancy and doused with gold glitter.  The fall leaves garland and “Give Thanks” banner are some things I’ve had for a while.  I think I’ll need to tweak the frames, or add one more to make it a little more balanced for my Christmas gallery.

See last year’s decor here.

Don’t forget about my Santa Picture Package GIVEAWAY!!  For details and to enter, check this out!

Happy Thanksgiving!




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