End of Year Soccer Party

header for end of year party

Soccer season is a super fun (and sometimes long) time of the year.  All the girls on the our team, the Folsom Unicorns, had a great year.  It was really amazing to watch them get better and better over the season.  But that doesn’t always just “happen”.  No it takes dedicate from parents, parent volunteers, and especially the coaching staff.

We had two new players this season.  Neither girl had ever played soccer before, but you wouldn’t know it!  They were awesome.  I have to credit the majority of the awesomeness and athletic improvement to our amazing coaching staff.  We have 3 assistant coaches and one head coach.  They work so well together and really enjoy spending time with the kids.  This year our 5 year olds learned how to pass and were successfully executing passes by the end of the year.  That far exceeded my expectations.  Plus, they all had smiles on their faces.  I love it.

Last night was our end of the year soccer party, my co-team mom, Sara, and I had a great time coming up with some fun little things to make the party one to remember.  Here are the super fun details.


Sara and I knew that we wanted the girls to have something at the party to keep them occupied.  But we also thought it would be nice if it was something they could take home with them.  You know, something they would actually keep.  We were lucky to have so many talented parents on our team, including Jamie who took this adorable pic of our team at one practice this season.  So we printed out the pics and Sara brought the frames and all the supplies to decorate them.  The girls and their siblings had a great time getting creative and the parents enjoyed a few moments to themselves.


These are the adorable trophies the girls got.  It’s a trophy holding a trophy.  Lyla thought that was pretty funny!


Sara and I had been thinking about coaches gifts all season and we spent time talking to other parents on the team to get their input.  It was really important to us to give the coaches something that let them know how much we appreciated all they did all season long.  The answer came from my mom.  Since the coaches spent so much time away from their families, we wanted to try to give them some family time back.  So each assistant coach got a four pack of movie tickets so they could take their families out for a night together.  Our coach (her hubby is one of the assistant coaches) got the movie tickets and dinner at a restaurant for her whole family.  I bought the popcorn containers at Target and filled them up with Raley’s Movie Theatre Popcorn and topped with the tickets.  It’s all int he presentation!  Plus, the kids kept asking if they could eat the popcorn.  Ha!  Next time I’ll bring popcorn for all!


One of our generous and thoughtful families brought these adorable soccer cookies!  They were delicious and a big hit!  They picked them up at Freeport Bakery in Sacramento.  I highly recommend them.


And the real show stopper of the night was Sara’s homemade cupcakes.  She really outdid herself with these.  They came out sooooo adorable!!!  I wish I had the cake decorating skills that she does!

It was a great season with some really great girls!  I can’t wait until next season!  What did you get your coaches this year?  I’m always looking for ideas!




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