The Tooth Fairy Visited!


Earlier this week my daughter lost her first tooth.  She’s 5, soon to be 6, so it was definitely about time!  Almost all of her friends have already lost teeth by now.  And that bugger was super duper wiggly.  But, when it fell out at breakfast, for some reason I cried really really hard.  You know that ugly cry.  Yeah, it was like that.  My son said, “Ah man. Mom stop crying it’s just a tooth!”  He’s right, it was just a tooth, but these little special moments seem to be flying by at warp speed these days.  It’s just a sign that these kids of mine are growing up.

Anyway, because my hubby was working on the east coast last week, we waited until he got home to have the tooth fairy visit.  Since this is her first tooth, she got a $5 bill.  I think moving forward we will give just $1.  But spraying the bill with spray adhesive and sprinkling some glitter on it really sealed the deal.  She ran into our room in the morning and was screaming that the tooth fairy came and took the tooth and left her a dollar covered in fairy dust!  It was so sweet.  After we explained that it’s actually $5 she then sprinkled the fairy dust on her own head and tried to fly.  I love her imagination.  I highly recommend adding a dash of sparkle to whatever your tooth fairy leaves behind.  It was a real hit!



All my sadness about the missing preeeeeeeeshussssssss baaaaaaaabbbbbbeeeeeeeee tooth dissipated when I saw her looking so happy and proud of that adorable little gap did soften the blow a little…

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Instead of the typical MNO this month, I’m hosting a CAbi party at my house this Friday.  Let me know if you are interested in shopping the catalog.  There are a million adorable pieces, I shared some of my favorites in this post.



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