Fall to Winter with CAbi

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Next Friday I will be hosting my FIRST EVER CAbi party.  I’ve loved the clothes for many years now and always pick up at least one item at every party I go to.  CAbi stand for Carol Anderson by invitation, she started the company long ago after working as a designer at some pretty big name companies like Nordstrom’s.  CAbi releases two full lines annually with some “Limited Editions” or late season releases as well.  Anyway, the price point can be kinda high (that’s why I try to spread out my purchases throughout the season), but the quality is always worth the price tag.  At my first ever CAbi party almost five years ago, I bout a pair of their Ponte Knit leggings in black.  I’m wearing them while typing this post.  Yep, they have lasted through wash after wash after wash and they are not see through at all!  Anyway, I thought I would show you some pretty cute items from their fall line that I am currently coveting.

Needle lace shell

Needle Lace Shell $98

This is a limited edition piece, it’s adorable on!  It’s just a shell, so you can put whatever different color camp underneath to change the look up a bit.  I have it in white from last spring, one of my faves!




Infinite Vest $118 // Heritage Stole Pin $79  // Allure Blouse $89  //  Stormy Wash Super Skinny Jean $108

I ordered this vest, but it has been on back order.  It’s supposed to come on Monday and I cannot wait!  I love the idea of the grey jeans and crisp white top with the pop of color in the heel.




McQueen Shirt $98  //  Turn Key Topper $178  //  Audrey Pant $98

I wasn’t even interested in this jacket AT ALL!  Not until I tried it on.  Now it’s high up on my list.  It’s so soft and warm.  Plus, chambray?  C’mon!  Chambray like a diamond!


Zipper Pullover $128  //  Diamondback Super Skinny Jean $108

This sweater – cable knit and navy and gold zippers!  LOVE!  Plus, I’m a sucker for any animal print.



Best in Show Jacket $189  //  Turn Key Topper $178  //  Estate Jacket $128  //  Tuscadero Jacket $248 and Bisou Scarf $49

 These pieces were all taken from actual vintage pieces and redesigned to have the same feel but with some modern conveniences added in.


ba9fa12030060471bffa88492ba062d1Luck Pullover $108

Just because you are “with child” doesn’t mean there’s nothing for you except open sweaters.  I happen to know several and to be one of the knocked up mamas that rocked regular cabi while expecting




Bordeaux Wash Skinny Jean $108  //  McQueen Shirt $98  //  Bisou Scarf $49

Just got these jeans, the color is dynamite!

24-145-BK-frontVelveteen Tuxedo Blazer $178  //  Ladylike Tunic $79

In addition to this FAB blazer, there are a ton of other really great late season releases that are perfect for the holidays.


Here are just a few.  To check out the rest of the collection click here.

My party is next Friday night.  If you are interested in attending or wouldloke to shop my party online, let me know mamamomtourage {at} gmail {dot} com.  Or if you want to host a fashionista fete for yourself email me and I’ll slip you the name of the most fabulous CAbi girl I know.





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