Halloween 2014


This year’s halloween brought some pretty fun memories.  And a few of my new favorite things.  For example, this bat costume.  It was quite the collaboration between Lyla, me, my mom, and my mother-in-law.  This year Lyla was adamant about being an “anatomically-correct bat with retractable wings”.  Yeah, I didn’t know where to find that either.  After copious internet, Pinterest, and Etsy searches I resigned to make it ourselves.  We bought a long, black, plain child’s cape from Evangeline’s Costume Mansion in Old Sacramento and started customizing it.  My mom found the ears at Crazy 8s.

cosutmes collage

I never can seem to get them altogether for a picture.  This year B was a muscly Batman, Hope was a flapper, and Poppie was Olaf.


Nick and I also dressed up for a family Halloween party: I was a bat mom and Nick was also Batman.  I can’t seem to find a pic of me… not shocking!


On Halloween morning, I did my usual – dress up like a ghost to wake them up.  Always a crowd pleaser.  You can take a look back at the kids costumes over the years here.

olaf the celeb

My father-in-law’s Olaf costume was a huge hit!  He really outdid himself this year!  There were so many people, young and small, yelling Olaf’s name and singing his song.  He took pics with countless kids and adults.  It was really something to see.  He and my mother-in-law created this costume from scratch all by themselves.  Hey, if anyone needs an Olaf to make an appearance at their holiday events or birthday parties, let me know!

New things collage

It seems like each year I pick up a new thing or five here and there for this holiday.  It’s my second favorite holiday to the 4th of July.  So I typically have a ton of stuff.  Here’s my favorite new things this year.  (From top left to bottom right.)

  1. Sparkly ghosts add a pop of whimsy and interest to any arrangement.  They would be adorable on a wreath too. (Not Too Shabby)
  2. A spooky and glittery candelabra.  (Rod Works)
  3. This gallery wall in the entry was a labor of love.  It’s an empty space I’ve been struggling with.  I’ve been collecting the white frames for a long time.  That is an outdoor tomb stone that was a little broken, a broken skeleton, a new paper wreath that Lyla put together (Target), a broken piece of a black sparkly candelabra (Target years ago), the two old looking prints are from Michael’s last year and they are a hologram of something spooky when you pass by, another broken piece of a black sparkly candelabra (Target years ago), a new silver skull face from the “dolla dolla bins, y’all” this year (Target), and a new bat print (Rod Works).  The bats are new from Target this year too.  I’m really pleased with the way it came out and now I want to do a seasonal gallery all the time!
  4. Skull under a cloche (Target), a craft pumpkin wrapped in fishnets (inspired by Kim), creepy hand (Rod Works), and eye balls; they light up! (Parkside Pharmacy)
  5. A new turban, crystal ball, and Tarot cards (not pictured all from Evangeline’s).
  6. Floating witch hats.  (You can see the floating witch hat tutorial here.)  BTW – this pin has already been viewed over 9,000 times and I only put it on Pinterest 6 days ago!

All in all it was a great month full of harvest activities and spooky outings.  The kids have had such a great time helping me.  If you’re interested, you can see last year’s Halloween decor here.




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