My Fave October Buys


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This month’s round-up of buys seems to be a bit longer that last month.  I think that’s just the way it goes when there’s a change of season.  Did you buy anything fab this month?


Threshold Measuring Cup Set with Copper Finish $9.99 //  Threshold Spoon Set with Copper Finish $5.99

When we created our wedding registry almost 9 years ago, my taste was a little different.  I was wild about red in the kitchen.  I seriously registered for everything and anything red.  I loved it!  But about 4 or so years ago I decided I wanted a more soothing palette of blues, yellows, copper, greys, and some silver.  So I’ve been slowly changing out from all the reds.  It takes a while!  One thing I’ll probably never change out is my red stand mixer.  That was a Christmas gift from my parents after our wedding.  I think a pop of red is just fine.  Especially because every time I look at it and use it I think about my parents.


Ella Moss Nico Faux Fur Vest in Black $139.00

You guys should know by now that I would NOT pay $139 on a vest.  So, let me tell you this was a HUGE score!  What did I pay you ask???  $40!!!!!  Yep, I found this EXACT vest at Marshall’s.  I had to have it.  It has a sweater back that is a soft wool/cashmere blend.  Also, it’s faux fur lined, so it’s REVERSIBLE!!!!!!!  Love that.


Retinol Product and EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46

Now that we’ve finally got some cloudier days, I’m back on my retinol regimen.  I use Veltin, but set-up an appointment with a dermatologist to find the one that’s right for you.  I like Calkin & Boudreaux in Sacramento.  Just be sure to do exactly what the doc says when you are using a retinol.  Treat your skin really gently otherwise it will get mad at you and look red.


H&M Ankle Boots in Leopard $19.99

I’ve gone boot and bootie crazy for my little girl.  After these, I think I need to stop.  Seriously, it’s a problem.  Anyway, how adorable are these??  Just make sure you use Scotch Guard on any kids shoes, I actually use it on most of my shoes too.  It really helps to keep them water resistant and it makes them easier to clean.


BCBG Paris Jaze Leopard Pump $69.95

I used to have a great pair of leopard pumps, but they started to get bald in places and needed to be replaced.  My MIL gave me a gift card for my birthday and I went right over and picked up these beauties.  I wore them to this month’s MNO with oxblood fleather skinny pants and a dark chambray button up and got tons of compliments.  In fact, one mom ordered them the next day!  I really like the open arch, it adds a bit of fun and makes them a little different.  I used a birthday credit, a coupon, and they happen to have been on sale that day, so I really got a deal!  And I can continue my search for the most perfect oxblood booties… Thanks Mimi!


Super Hero Costumes on SALE

Like many moms of boys that have bigger sisters, my little man dresses up frequently in his sister’s dress up clothes.  I don’t mind, but my hubby isn’t a huge fan of it.  And I’ve notices that the older her gets the less he enjoys the dresses.  But he really likes to play dress up with her.  Soooo… Last year I did a Holiday Gift Guide in September that included a “Think Tank” of moms and dads and picked their brains.  One awesome tip that stayed with me was from Candice.  You can see more about her here and here.

“I did this last year and it was perfect.  All kids love playing dress up.  After halloween, costumes drop 50-80% in stores and in some cases on-line.  So you can stock up for next to nothing!  Last year I cleared out Target and CVS.  I bought in themes (super heros, tv characters, professions, etc).  I bought a size or 2 larger than they are now so they could play in them the following years…kids love them and they have lots to play with friends and no one is fighting over the one Batman or the odd princess costume.  Christmas morning they did their ‘character show’, it was so cute!!”

You can see the whole post here.  Anyway, the costumes were “buy one get one” for a while so I picked up a few.  And I’ve been plotting his Christmas gift – a treasure chest full of boy dress up clothes.  So I will definitely be at the store bright and early Nov. 1 to get what’s left!  Thanks for the great tip Candice!


Hedbanz Game for Kids $14.99

Speaking of gifts, this has been my go-to birthday gift for kids this month.  The age on the boy says 7 is the youngest, but our household has been playing this game a ton and my kids are 3 and 5.  It’s pretty funny to hear the questions the kids ask and the clues they offer.

You can check out my August and September buys here.



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