Meet Heather

I have a fabulous, strong, determined mama for you all to meet today.  Her name is Heather.  We met about the same time I met many of my Folsom “mom” friends.  At the Mercy New Moms Support group when I was wearing my yoga pants inside-out and Lyla was only three weeks old.  We went through the trials and tribulations of being new moms together.  She had a head start as her son, Jameson, is a few months older than Lyla.  So basically that made her a pro compared to my shmeasly three weeks as a mom.  She had really good advice, was super kind and friendly, and always had a smile on her face.  Heather and all the other MNMs offered me something no one else could during that time in my life, they understood exactly what I was dealing with.  From that, friendships grew.  Heather now has two adorable kiddos and turned something she is passionate about into a business.

Meet Heather

IMG_0792 copy

Photo by Images from Amy

Hi!!  My name is Heather Gwinup, and I live “up the hill” from Sacramento, in Shingle Springs, CA. I have been married to my fabulous hubby, James, for eleven years. He is a local family law attorney and partner at a small firm here in Cameron Park.

IMG_0953 copy

Photo by Images from Amy

We have been blessed, after a very long infertility battle, with two amazing kiddos. Jameson is six – he just started Kindergarten, which has been a hard transition for both of us! And Hadley is two – she is our “baby”, she is always smiling and chatting with anyone and everyone.


Photo by Images from Amy

 Our amazing photographer and friend, Amy Van Riessen of Images from Amy, captured a lot of our journey of having Hadley through a dear friend of mine, Jen, who offered to be our gestational carrier. You can read more about our journey here.  Being a stay-at-home mom was always my dream, and I love that I’m living it!

Currently Coveting:


A Craft Room/Office/Guest Room

I have a little “office” space in our house that is located IN the laundry room. We also have a guest room. My dream is to turn our guest room in to a craft and sewing room/office/guest room, with a wall bed and tons of storage space….  I love to sew, though my desire totally outweighs my ability. I’d love to have a place to house all my sewing stuff. Sadly, room makeovers are EXPENSIVE. Boo.

I really love…


Job as a Young Living Essential Oils Distributor

With a son who has sensory processing issues, an insomniac husband, a toddler who has a hard time settling in at bedtime, and my own anxiety issues, I was always on the hunt for natural alternatives to Western meds. Don’t get me wrong – I’m pro-medicine. I wouldn’t have my kiddos without all the lovely science that goes in to invetro fertilization and surrogacy, BUT I do hate the side effects that traditional medicine seems to bring to me, James and the kiddos.

In my quest to find natural alternatives to fill our medicine cabinet, I came across Young Living essential oils in March this year. And our family’s life was changed forEVER. I mean, these things really work!!!!! I never thought I’d be one to be interested in a direct marketing business model – I hate selling stuff. But my Young Living team, called the Lemon Droppers, does things totally differently. We don’t ever chase sales, and we don’t talk about the business unless someone asks. In May, after several months of personally using essential oils for our family, I decided to take the leap and see if I could earn enough dough to support my new oil addiction. I have been so blessed that it has grown to be so much more, and that I’m getting to share products that I really believe in!

Guilty Pleasure…


The hubby and I are totally addicted and binge-watch when we can. He probably watches it for the witty writing and interesting plot points…. and well, I watch it for Harvey. On second thought, maybe James watches for Donna…. 😉

Fave beauty items:


I’ve sort-of become addicted to Jamberry nail wraps… So fun and festive, and they last forever!!! Another momtrepreneur friend of mine, Tammi Lasater, is a rep for Jamberry and she got me hooked…. I’m awaiting my Holiday wraps at the moment!

Recent mommy moment…

IMG_0730 copy

Well, my littles sure keep me on my toes…. I guess my most recent mom moment happened in church the other day. We attend Church of the Foothills in Cameron Park, and we go to the Re:New venue – as our pastor likes to call it, the “latest and loudest in worship experience”. The kids have recently transitioned to the Sunday School program at Re:New, which means they come in to the sanctuary for the first few songs, then get dismissed to their class. Last Sunday, Pastor Phil was in the middle of praying, and Hadley loudly proclaimed: “Mommy!!!! This is NEVA EVA going to be OBER!!!!!” I tried to shush her, but then Jameson responded, just as loudly “HADLEY! SHHH! We are PRAYING to JESUS!!! And if you don’t quit talking, JESUS is going to give you a SPANKING! Or at least a TIME OUT!!!!”


I love Harvey too, he’s a real dream boat!  I also love those oils!  Each one Heather has introduced me to has been the real deal.  Sleep: check, cold coming on: check, boost my OP regimen: check.  Seriously, tell her what ails you and she can recommend an all-nature remedy with her essential oils.  Love that!

But, I think best of all is the thought that Hadley could get spanked by Jesus, or at least a time out.  Only a brother would say something as silly as that.  Thanks so much for sharing your world with us Heather!

Have a great weekend!



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