Top Halloween Pins


Halloween is only EIGHT days away.  Crazy!  In the spookiest of spirits I’m inspiring you to do one more push towards celebrating the creepiest holiday.  Last week I shared my favorite costumes from Pinterest, and this week it’s all about decor.  I tried to find things that were really easy to put together with stuff you probably already have on hand.  I hope you’re ready for all the ghouls and goblins to come knocking at your door!

For more inspiration follow my Halloween Board and follow all my boards here.


Gothic, Ghastly, & Gory via Atta Girl Says

This is very scary looking.  It’s just a pallet with a skull and a few doll hands behind it.  Add some red paint, a handmade sign, and some chains.  Super easy to make.  In the link it shows this in front of a playhouse.  Pretty clever!


We’ve Gone Batty via Young House Love

So easy, you could do this right now!  Not to mention it’s perfect for those that enjoy low-key decor.


Faux Wood Boards via Wiccan Make some Too

It’s cardboard!!!  They added paint to make it look like actual boards.  Easy way to make your house look condemned.


There weren’t any instructions with this one, just a link to buy cheesecloth.  They have it at Target right now for $5 and 25% off with your Cartwheel app.  Anyway, I like the idea of using it on your lamp.  Super cute!


Trash Bag Spider Webs via HGTV

Genius!  Black trash bags, everyone has those.  All you need is some expert cutting skills and you have some very spooky black cob webs.


Hanging Foam Bats via HGTV

HGTV does it again!  These bats are made from black foam paper and googly eyes.  So easy, and they look so cute hanging from that tree.


Halloween Decor via Durbin Dynamics & Other Such Nonsense

Just another fun and funny use for a skull.  Love it!



Bones in the Fireplace via The Frisky

It’s all about the placement with this decor.  This reminds of The Blair Witch Project for some reason.  Ooooh!  That’s another idea would be to hang those wood things from trees like in the movie.


Head in a Jar via DIY Fun Ideas

If I had more photo know how I would totally have all our heads in a jar.  I thinks it funny, disgusting, and really creepy.


Creepy Witches Brew Party via Hostess with the Mostess

I love the idea of this next to some kind of a spell book, broom stick, or caldron or something.  Carry that witch theme all the way through.  I mean, what witch worth her salt wouldn’t have a list of specimens and their examples handy?


For more inspiration follow my Halloween Board and follow all my boards here.




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