Chicken Ranch Wraps

CHicken Ranch Wraps

Well Hello again, Mama Momtourage readers! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. In case you didn’t catch last Monday’s Post my name is Megan and last year I started a Facebook page, Crocktober.  (Don’t forget to “like” her page for daily updates!) I have been going crazy with my crock pot and I am here to share with you my favorite recipe from the past week.

Hands down best recipe of the week was……Chicken Ranch Wraps

Ok, seriously, I have another super simple crock pot idea for you all. I was totally crunched for time this am, and what I originally had planned was totally not gonna happen. I didn’t have anything prepared the night before so I woke at 5 am and was staring at the inside of my fridge. Ummm……. do I feel like chopping onions? No, gross that is not what I wanna smell on my fingers this morning. Do I have 30 minutes to layer a casserole or something together? NO! the answer is NO!!!! So, I saw chicken and I had a bright idea…Chicken Ranch Wraps!

Chicken thighs
ranch seasoning packet
shredded lettuce
shredded cheese
bacon? why not?

In the morning add your chicken and your ranch seasoning to your crockpot. Cook on low for 5-6 hours. When it’s done, shred and set aside. Chop your lettuce, tomato, and grab your cheese. Assemble your wrap enjoy!

If I were doing this again, I would double the chicken since it’s so simple. Then I would use the leftover in various recipes throughout the rest of the week.

I thought these were super good. My husband is a club sandwich connoisseur and this is kind of what these reminded me of, but as a wrap. He also said that this was one of his favorites so far, which is always a good thing! This is a nice alternative to a hot meal, and is perfect for a busy weeknight dinner or lunch.


10-19 collage

Here’s all the Crocktober recipes she shared last week.  You DO NOT want to miss another update!  There’s only 11 more Crocktober days left.  “Like” her page here.



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