Halloween Costumes

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This is a crazy busy month!!!!  With Halloween parties, fall festivals, birthday parties, trips to the pumpkin patch, and the list goes on… It’s definitely time to start thinking about  Halloween costumes.  Chances are your little girl wants to be Anna or Elsa and your son wants to be a super hero, a Ninja Turtle, or a Transformer.  This list is kinda off the wall and outta the box, most are handmade and all are pretty quirky…  Just the way I like it.

For more inspiration follow my Halloween Board and follow all my boards here.



DIY Peter Pan’s Shadow via TikKido

A spookier and more interesting take on the original Peter Pan.  Love this!


Scuba Baby via Hashtag Mom Life

This is hilarious!  I think it would actually be pretty easy to make!


Lincoln on a Penny via Inspiring Pretty

 This is awesome!  I love the bear.


Toy Army Guy via Wild Ink Press

Pretty cool, but how does he walk?


Frida Kahlo via Oh Happy Day

For the little artist.


birds collage

DIY Raven Costume via Vintage Whites Blog and Tippi Hedren from The Birds (Similar here.)

I am dying to be a raven!!!  But I love the the Tippi costume too.


Edgar Allen Ho via The Meta Picture

I cannot stop laughing at this one!  I think i should be the raven (from above) and Nick should be this!

53de84ff170fc47853b918e1d2a4095f 50 Shades of Grey via Dysfunctional Designs

I like the literal translation.


Hangover Costume via Funny Cool Halloween

 If only I still had my baby carrier.


Mousetrap Costume via Funny Cool Halloween

The cheese really makes this awesome.  Plus the cozy clothes look far more comfy than most other costumes.



Monster’s Inc. Family Costume via Ideas.com

This little Boo is adorable!


A Christmas Story Family via Costume-Works



Despicable Me Family via Costume Works

Gru and fam!


Mini Van Stick Figure Family via Costume Works

So funny, I especially like the little boy holding the soccer ball.  This is a costume you can buy, but I don’t think it would be too hard to make.


Ms. Clavel and the Orphans from Madeline via Erica Holland

Perfect for a family with three little girls.



Michael ‘Squints’ Palledorous and Wendy from the Sandlot via The Chive

 Ah, the Sandlot.  Love that movie!


Bandits via Ruffling Feathers

 Pretty darn easy to put together.  And it’s really cute!


Guess Who Costume via Ideas.com

I love this!  All you need is the beret, glasses, and mustache.


Jack and Jill came down the hill via ideas.com

Too funny!  They’re all beat up from falling down the hill.


Bob Ross and Painting via Huffington Post

 My dad and hubby are real Bob Ross enthusiasts, this is so funny!

Honorable Mention


French Chef and Croquembouche vía Real Simple

 It’s a little too elaborate for me, but I love the idea!


Gum Ball Machine Costume via Mandatory

 Very creative and DIY, but she only gets an honorable mention due to an ill placed coin slot.

What will you be for Halloween this year??

If you still need more inspiration follow my Halloween Board and follow all my boards here.






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