Top Momtourage Halloweenies


There’s a spooky surprise hiding in my fall flower arrangement.  You can see more here of my decor from last year here.

I’m still fine-tuning my Halloween decor.  It’s been up since 10/1 per Lou’s demand request.  But I’ve bought a few new things and I’ve been moving things around so they don’t look the same as last year.

Lou and Boo

Here’s a sneak peek of the little Rinos in front of a Halloween gallery wall I’ve been working on.  It’s getting there… I just need a few more things to tweak here and there.  That’s the same story for the rest of the decor.  I always feel like I have to live with things for a few weeks before they are just right.  By that time, I have to switch to TGivs decor. Ha!

Last year, every week in October a different mama showcased her fab Halloween decor.  Here’s a look back at their spooky, adorable, and sometimes scary decor.  If you are interested in giving us a look at your spooktacular abode email me!

Candice, Mr. Bones, and the coolest haunted house ever!


“This one is dishing all the diet secrets!  Don’t worry, I’ll pass them along.”

This image and caption combo is one of the funniest Halloween images ever.  Just having a spot of tea with Mr. Bones… NBD.

horn Collage 2
My mom, aka G-ma, is notorious for bringing over random odd things she thinks we just “need to have! “.  Anyway, G-ma delivered this spooky, hand-made, Haunted Doll House one day in October. Apparently, a friend (clearly obsessed with Halloween) had ordered a doll house kit online with the purpose of creating a Haunted Playhouse.  Well, long story short, she never completed it and after collecting a bunch of dust in her garage it ended up on my dining room table.  The exterior is amazing in detail with broken windows, spooky shutters, and a hand cut shake roof.  Because Tristan is the master crafter/collector/Michael’s frequent flyer, we decided to take it on as a project that year to completion.  And has been a seasonal “project” each year since.  The kids have absolutely delighted in completing and adding to their spooky house! Each October we map out what we will add and take a trip to our local craft hubs. Adding items like ravens, pumpkins, black cats, spooky hand painted furniture, monsters to live in the house, skeletons … you name it.  It becomes a real process and the kids are very happily involved with every step.  This year we are adding a graveyard.  They are making the gravestones out of Oven Bake Clay–a Horn house staple– and now they have asked to visit a real graveyard to get ideas for their gravestones…maybe next year… With 3 little ones, I have to keep at minimum one, if not all, busy at all times or utter chaos ensues.

See more of Candice’s terrifying decor here.

Kindra’s Vintage, hand crafted, to-die-for tomb, uh… I mean house.

Kindra Mad Hatter
I love Halloween because it is the only time of year you can get away with wearing a costume as an adult. I love to dress up and create one of a kind costumes!


edited 3
I have been collecting Halloween decor for many years now. I pick up a few special items each year at places like Michaels, Joann’s, Home Goods and Target. I also love to hunt for Halloween goodies at the Antique Fair and on Sutter Street in Folsom. My favorite shop there is Gracefully Vintage. This year I bought the old weathered top hat that is resting on top of my spooky headstone. Adding personal touches like a top hat, a grandfathers pocket watch, an old grain scooper, and vintage bottles and books really creates a unique ambiance.
My most valuable decorating tip is to invest in a few basic items that you can use time and again throughout the holidays. Old wooden crates can hold pumpkins, ornaments, love letters at Valentine’s Day, buckets of shamrocks at St. Patricks day. Old books and bottles can be tied up with different fabric or ribbon depending on the holiday. I tied all my books and bottles with red, white and blue ribbon for the 4th and in August I filled bottles with pink and yellow pinwheels for my daughters birthday party. Vintage buckets can hold sprigs of pine in the winter and easter eggs in the Spring. Keep it simple ladies. Try not to overthink it. Find what you like and what makes you happy in your home and go with it. Decorating is just another form of personal style expression. There is no wrong way to do it. Cheers and happy decorating!

Brandie’s personalized, bewitching, spell-binding manor. 


Photo courtesy of Memories by Michelle

Brandie’s house has been decorated for Halloween for some time now.  I got some QT with her Mr. Bones a few weeks ago.  Ladies, no matter what he says to you, do not sit on his lap.  It’s not comfy and you may just end up with a spider on your head.


This is the mantle in their living room where the family spends quality time together.  Not sure if you can tell, but the print hanging on the wall lights up.  Spoooooky.  They bought a smaller one first at Kirkland’s, but that just would’t do for her older son.  He wanted the jumbo print.  Love that kid!  Anyway, she used a fantastic cobweb table runner as a mantle scarf and topped it with that cute “Wicked” garland from Rod Works.  This adds a spooky tone to the creepy bottles and witches books she keeps on hand in case the boys get out of line.  Hey, you never know when you need a curse handy, amiright??


Well, I hope you enjoyed your tour of Brandie’s spooky Halloween house.  The good news is that much of what you see here is available at Rod WorksMicheal’s, and Kirklands.  These shops are all in Folsom, but if you’re not close to a Rod Works, you should totally check it out.  They have some really unique home decor items.  I’m especially fond of their picture frames, and you can shop online here!

See more of her spooky manor here.

I would love to see what haunts are in your house!  Seriously,  I really do!  Email me at mamamomtourage {at} gmail {dot} com.

Have a ghoulish weekend!



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