Saving with CVS


I don’t know about you guys, but I ♥ CVS.  Seriously love that place.  The pharmacist, Steve, knows me by name and is always so friendly and helpful.  In addition to Steve and his team I also love:

All that AND they carry WINE.  It really is a magical place.


And it just got better!  Last month they changed their name from CVS Caremark to CVS Health.  They started the movement with the addition of the wholesome Gold Emblem Abound snacks and stepped it up one BIG notch when they decided to STOP selling tobacco products in their store. And they have programs at every store to help people kick the habit all together.  Pretty amazing!


There’s also something else to really LOVE about CVS: the savings!  They have the nation’s largest savings and rewards program, ExtraCare.  I talked a little about couponing and the class I took in this post, but what I didn’t tell you is that the teacher of the class said that CVS is her go-to place for paper products, razors, medicine, and beauty products.  Like before, you have to do some work before you go.  First, you need to sign up for the Extra Care Program in-store, online, or in the app.  Then you want to enroll in the ExtraCare Beauty Club, they give you $3 on your birthday and $5 for every $50 you spend on beauty items.  Next, set up a Pharmacy and Health Rewards account, if you get regular prescriptions add them, you can manage your prescriptions and refills and occasionally earn Extra Bucks.  After this, connect your ExtraCare Card to account to earn even more Extra Bucks.  Make sure you sign up for the Weekly Ad at from your local CVS on the website.


After all this, go the website to see your available offers and browse the weekly store deals.  While there, you can add the offers to your card or to a list that you can print and take with you.  After you’ve enrolled in the program/s and done some shopping at the store, occasionally CVS will send emails to enrolled participants with coupons like $3 awards.  These can be used like cash in store.  When you get one of these emails, read it carefully.  It will ask you to print it out at home, add it to your card, or redeem at the coupon kiosk.  Pay attention and do what it tells you.  Once you are in store, the first thing  you do it walk to the coupon kiosk and get your coupons!  You can do this with your card or by your email or phone number.

You can use these coupons as well as the ones loaded into your card and any other’s you printed out.  This is the prime time to pull out those manufacturer’s coupons.  Remember to go to the magical website before you shop to see what items are on extreme or have red stars.  If they also have coupons listed find them (using the method from this post) and you are about to triple your savings!  That’s the stuff good days are made of!



PS – If you’re a Target fan, yuou can see my tips for saving money at Target here.



One thought on “Saving with CVS

  1. I’ve always been so torn between CVS and Walgreens, as I started at the latter. Since my foray into couponing, I’ve noticed that I can save more at CVS. Super hard for someone who has such an attachment to things to make changes… however, it’s made easier when money is to be saved! Now to signup for the Rewards Program! ^_^


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