Good Day Sacramento: All About Soccer

Today I was talking all about Soccer on Good Day Sacramento today with the fab Melissa Cabral!  Here’s the recap with tutorials, ideas, and DIY.  You can see the video here.  Enjoy.

Soccer Snacks



Pre-game or pre-practice fuel

This is a really important part of the game.  In addition to this list, I like to have my daughter focus on hydrating all day the day before the game and the day of the game.

Halftime Snacks


I really prefer just oranges or oranges and grapes or just frozen grapes.  They have just the right amount of sugar, hydration, fiber, and vitamin C.  This makes it really easy to grab and go at the end of the game instead of having the players pick up each thing individually and carry them in their hands with all their gear.  Plus, it can be quite a line at the end of the game.

Post Game Snacks


Nothing too fancy here.  I prefer each snack pack in individual bags.  There needs to be two different kinds of hydration like juice or water and fruit.  There also needs to be some protein and something filling with fiber.  It’s a winning combo!

Keep the Coaches Happy!



Telling your coach and assistant coaches how much you appreciate them goes a long way.  Most are just volunteers donating their time.  And they put in a lot more time than just on the field.  They will feel very appreciated if you bring one of these options to soccer or to a game.

Keep Your Soccer Players Cool


Ice pack sheet (similar here)  //  Insulated 1/2 gallon jug  //  Water Misting Fan  //  Endura Cool Instant Cooling Towel

The temps are still pretty hot here!  It’s going to be about 90° this weekend.  If you couple that with a 3pm game, you’ve got some potentially over heated athletes.  Here’s my arsenal for keeping the players and the spectators cool.  The ice pack is great for injuries and just for putting on hot kids.  They like to lay it on their legs or put it on their backs.  The gallon jug really keeps the ice, well ICE!  Plus 1/2 gallon of water is more than enough for a soccer game.  The misting fan is used on everyone!  I’ll walk over to the bench and spray and fan the kids that want it.  The cooling towel stays really cool for about 2 hours.  And it’s machine washable and can be used again and again.  All you have to do is get it wet.

DIY Soccer Bench


After you have all your supplies assembled, decide if this is really the length you want for your bench.  We decided to cut ours down to about 6ft in length.  Next, sand your bench.  Make sure to get all the splinters out, you don’t want any rump injuries.  I chose to drill my holes at this point.  I also chose to have my buckets a few inches inside to offer more support to the bench.  After a thorough splinter check, I decided it was time to paint the bench.  Raw lumber sucks up a lot of paint, so I started with a little of my favorite primer that I happened to have on hand Zinsser B-I-N Primer.  After a few coats of that dried, I followed up with the Aqua paint.  Meanwhile I began painting the buckets Aqua.  Rust-Oleum says it bonds to plastic, and it really does!



After everything was painted, we drilled them together, and tightened the bolts.  I am going to have the girls paint their names on it at practice to make it personalized to the team.  This entire project only cost me about $18.


Spoiler alert: You’ve been doing it wrong.  Or at least I have!


Not only does the way it’s cut make it easier for the kids to get the fruit away from the rind but it also eliminates the “dimple” that no one really wants to eat anyway.  I do love and orange at a soccer game.  It’s nostalgic, full of vitamin C to help boost immunity, it’s a balancing fruit (think alkalizing), it’s a low sugar fruit, they are hydrating, and give you instant energy.  Plus, I’m especially fond of them because I love a mimosa!


Ponytail Streamer Tutorial

These are adorable on all little girls.  Learn how to make this here.

Pic header

Whether you have one or more kid in soccer or your kids play rec or competitive, it’s all the same – soccer season feels like one long fire drill.  Here are my top tips to keep you on time and sane.


Take your budding soccer stars to see the professionals!

She believed she could so she did

Inspire your soccer players to believe in themselves and what three things you should be saying to your child on the way to their game.




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