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Oh mamas, how many times did I hear “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” in my lifetime?  Far too many times, enough to realize it’s a really dumb saying and that I am the East to Godliness’s West.  When I was growing up, I was not the “super-duper-clean-everything-possible” kid.  But I wasn’t “Pig-Pen” either.  I fell somewhere in the middle.  When I went away to college I was whipped into shape by a very tidy roommate.  I learned a lot from her and she is still one of my most favorite people ever, and yes, I’m still learning a lot from her.  When she and I lived together, there were six of us in ONE on-campus apartment.  That’s two girls per room with one kitchen and one bathroom, it all added up to a lot of hair and mess.  Some of us (me included) needed reminders about cleaning up after ourselves.  Well, my girl decided to take matters into her own hands and right notes to be left at the scene of messes.  The signs read something like “Clean your mess”, but they were always signed from “The Management”.  Ha!  That girl kills me.  Last week I thought about leaving a similar sign, but I knew my request would not be heeded by my little Rinos.

I’ve been going crazy with some Fall cleaning lately.  Here are some of the tips and tricks I’ve used and some I plan to test out soon.  For more home keeping tips you can follow my Homekeeping Board.  You can find all my boards and pins here.  Enjoy!


Fight Oil with Oil via One Good Thing

This sounds like a genius idea.  I’ve tried so many different products on the hood and never had any luck.  Hopefully this will work!

088c7e2d7857e9f269ee0f7f79f8eb4bA Look Inside my Cupboards via Outnumbered

I did this and it worked like magic.  I didn’t use it on my plates, I used it on my kitchen sink.  Seriously it has never been cleaner.  The miracle product?  Bar Keeper’s Friend.


Tub Toy Tip via Playdate Crashers

This is genius.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this.  You close up the tub toys with a hot glue gun before they hop in the tub.  It keeps them from getting the black mold of doom.


How To Clean Windows via Ank Anna

I first used the complete instructions in the link a few years ago when we were moving out of a home.  It worked so well that I still reference the instructions on a regular basis.  It’s tedious but get’s the job done.

254e0e64a24e4a9ca43e57b0714045a3 Homemade Grout Cleaner via Practically Functional

This is a great way to make something similar to the bleach gels on the market.  I’ve bought those time and time again to clean my grout because they stay put better than bleach.  With this recipe you get a similar staying power without having to buy any additional products.


Two Ingredient Kitchen Cabinet Gunk Remover via One Good Thing

I have done this and it totally works!



Mr. Clean Erasers via Household Tips

I could write a love song to Magic Erasers.  I went to Target the other day and left with a cart full of just Magic Erasers.  OK, maybe there were only like 5 boxes, but I did make a special trip and avoided the dollar bins just to get more of these to finish cleaning my baseboards, doors, and trim.  They are looking fab!


Garbage Disposal Cleaning Trick via HomeSpot HQ Blog

I’ve done variations of this, but I like that it’s all together.  I’ve done ice and poured lemon juice down the drain simultaneously.  This is a must try!


How to Clean a Bathroom Exhaust Fan via The Family Handyman

Kind of a “Duh!” moment right?  I need to try this.  They always look so nasty and make think of all the possible dust and-what-not that lingers in the air.


Get Rid of That “Boy Bathroom Smell” via Ask Anna

OMG!  Thanks for this tip.  I’m totally trying this!!


Unclog Your Drains Naturally via Mom 4 Real

I went on a drain cleaning fury on Tuesday.  I used this method (as I have before) and it worked really well.  I also took apart the under sink pipes as well.  After I fought back the vomit from what I saw, I loved how fast the sinks were draining.  Now there’s a little hollow sound the water makes when it goes down the drain.  Ahhhhhh, music to my ears.


Scum Proof Your Shower Doors via The Family Handyman

Another “Duh!” moment from The Family Handyman.  After you get rid of your soap scum, protect your glass by putting on Rain-X or some other rain repellent product.  Genius!

If you need more inspo you can follow my Homekeeping Board, or follow all my boards and pins here.



2 thoughts on “Household Tricks via Pinterest

  1. I’ve tried the bathroom smell one, and thought it made more of a mess. Use the drain unclogger all the time. Sometimes I shorten the garbage disposal cleaning by just putting a used lemon half in.

    I had pretty tidy roomies in college, well three out of four, so we had a chore schedule. This meant you only had to clean the bathroom or kitchen once a month!! How many times have I wished to go back to those days. Ahhh, college…

    • OK, I’ll keep that advise in mind when I try the boy smell tip. Thanks!

      Yeah, college… the days of an amazing metabolism and so much freedom. I should have mentioned that we had a maid that came and cleaned every week. Just a perk included in the room and board. So we never had to do any real “deep cleaning”. THOSE were the days!


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