Go See Do: Hike Eagle Rock


One of the best things about living in NorCal is the proximity to Lake Tahoe.  I ♥ Tahoe, there’s no denying it.  Fall is a great time to visit, try a new hike, or check out a ropes course because the temps are cooler and there are far less visitors that summer or winter.

Eagle Rock is a piece of Lake Tahoe’s past that looms over highway 89 just 5 miles south of Tahoe City on the West Shore.  Or, for those in the know, after Sunnyside, but before Homewood.  To hike this trail park on the south side of the rock on the side of the road.


Thousands of years ago, this rock was somewhat of a volcanic cork.  Today it’s home to one of the shortest and most amazing hikes.

hike 1

Be prepared to climb about 250 feet up on a trail that is approximately one mile long.  It’s an easy hike that almost anyone can do.  I’d say you could go up and down in 20 minutes.  But most first-timers will take longer so they can linger at the top.  Most of the hike is on a trail like this.  Easy peasy.


Until you get close to the top.  Then it looks like this.  Very rocky and a little harder to navigate.  There is a trail to the left, so keep going if you have small children that cannot navigate those rocks easily.  The teenager with us, my beautiful and athletic niece Hope, hopped right over the rocks.

hike 3

At this point you start to see what all the fuss is about.  Gorgeous views of the White Firs, Incense Cedars, and Jeffrey Pines contrasted with the deep sparkling waters of dazzling Lake Tahoe.IMG_3986

Once at the top your efforts pay off with 360° views.  Truly majestic.


This is a picture spot.  Makes for great holiday photos!  You cannot beat the backdrop, although people may think you photoshopped yourselves in.  People have had wedding ceremonies here, many people have gotten engaged here, and some people have said good-bye here.  It’s a truly unique and very special place.  This is a perfect spot to bring a picnic for lunch or some sunset snacks and vino.  The lake always captivates me with the way it changes from day to day or moment to moment depending on the way the sun or moon is positioned.  Some very brave hikers even do this hike at night.

hike 2

Be aware that your small children will probably give you several heart attacks at the top.  There are parts of the rock that jut up out of nowhere.  And everywhere you look seems like the edge of the earth.  All in all it’s well worth it.  The kids loved watching the boats in the lake and they got some energy out!  This is a hike that even my hubby, who doesn’t really like hiking, is happy to do.

Go climb Eagle Rock!




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