Soccer Inspiration



Soccer season is a fun and exciting time for most youngsters, but it can leave us parents scratching our heads.  If you’re looking for unique ideas or just what is and isn’t appropriate for snack time or what to feed your kid before a game or a practice.  If you are the team mom, the snack mom, or just a soccer mom trying to get through yet another season… this is for you!

For more inspiration you can follow my Soccer Board.  You can find all my boards and pins here.  Enjoy!

Pre-Game/Practice Fuel


8 High-Protein Snacks Under 150 Calories via Fit Sugar

I’m not suggesting you need to put your kid on a diet.  I think this list is great because for my soccer star practices are pretty far after lunch and close to dinner, so she definitely needs something but I don’t want to spoil her dinner appetite either.  Not to mention that I want to send her out on the field in the best possible state to dominate have fun without stomach issues.  There are some really great ideas here that are portable and outside the box… Well, my snack box anyway…


 Clean Eating Snacks via Homemade for Elle

Another list of snack ideas to keep your kiddo satiated during practice and without any lingering issues.

For the Half-time Snack Mom


Soccer Snacks: How It’s Done via A Little Wall 

This is a great idea because it won’t get icky, sticky all over their hands.  Plus, what kid doesn’t love watermelon???

For the Post-Game Snack Mom


After Soccer Snacks via The Contemplative Creative

Super cute and easy packaging!  Just print your own label at home.

For the Coolest Kid on the Team


Similar here: Glow in the Dark Laces via Laced up Laces

Sooooo fun!  When it starts to get dark near the end of practice, you would always know which kid is yours.

Extra Credit


Cheap and Easy DIY PVC Pipe Soccer Goal via Six Sisters Stuff

With complete plans so you can make your own goal to practice with at home.  This is a great idea!


Hand Held DIY Fan found on Cory Ryan Photography

This is exactly what i want to make for our team with the mascot on one side and the kid’s name and number on the other.  I would definitely laminate mine.


 World Cup Soccer Crafts & Party Ideas Round-Up via Crafts Unleashed

Everything in this link is basically quintessential “Pinterest”.  However, there are some pretty cute ideas you can make your own.  For example, they have scrapbook style collage type thing shaped like a soccer ball that is pretty darn adorable.  I’m thinking that would be a great idea for an out of the box, personal, and sentimental end of the year coaches gift.

If you need more inspo you can follow my Soccer Board, or follow all my boards and pins here.  You may want to check out my Culinary Inspiration Board for all kinds of make-ahead casseroles and crockpot meals for practice nights.




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