Surviving Soccer Season


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Whether you have one or more kid in soccer or your kids play rec or competitive, it’s all the same – soccer season feels like one long fire drill.  Here are my top tips to keep you on time and sane.

  • Check out your game schedule in advance and make sure you know (or kinda know) the location.  If you have to travel far, print out or send the directions to your phone.
  • Have the snack mom of the week bring an ice pack and first aid supplies even if the coach already does.
  • Keep an Extreme Emergency Kit in your car.  Think extreme weather and extreme injuries: first aid, blankets, towels, umbrella, sunscreen, TP, extra snacks, febreeze, plastic bags (like from a grocery store for anything muddy) extra water bottle…
  • Buy an industrial sized bottle of febreeze and have your kids febreeze their cleats and shin guards after every practice and every game.  Leave it in the garage or laundry room so they can do it right when they take them off.
  • Even pint sized players need to know about strategy.  Talk to them about it and ask them the questions.  You may learn a new word or two and you’ll learn a lot about how your little one really feels and thinks about the game.
  • Make sure there is a designated soccer bag location and make sure your kids actually put there things there.
  • Try to know most of, if not all of, the kids names on the team.  This will make you a better sideline cheerleader.
  • Have a clear check list for your kiddo to read through every time they leave for a game or practice.  Ours is in our entry way and it is proving to be a huge help.
  • Bring a camera and take tons of pics.  The team mom will appreciate all the photos uploaded to your teams Shutterfly Share site and for the slide show at the end of the year party.  Oh yeah, if your team doesn’t have one, set-up a Shutterfly Share site.  They are easy and perfect for teams!
  • Be extra nice to the coach and the assistant coaches.  They are just volunteers and they are doing their best.  Maybe bring them a $5 Starbucks gift card once in a while or just an energy bar at practice.
  • Start planning practice night dinners far in advance.  Try making a casserole on the weekend or a few days early and have it ready to be warmed up when you get home.  Here’s my favorite.  Or plan to have crockpot dinners on those nights.  Here’s my go-to crockpot recipe.

Extra Credit:

  • Offer to host or organize a beginning of the season or mid-season team get together.  Bonding with the kids and parents is fun and will make all the time you spend together that much more enjoyable.
  • Make something simple and fun for all the families.  I was at our game over the weekend and I saw that the other team had laminated card stock with their kid’s name and number on it on a stick.  It makes a great fan, a fun way to cheer for your kid, and a great way for everyone to know who’s kid is whose.
  • Occasionally bring snacks or stickers or something fun to practice during the week.  The kids won’t expect it, but they’ll love it!  A CD with your kid’s favorite songs is inexpensive and always a hit.  Sneak Eye of the Tiger or some other sport related songs on there.

Do you have any tips to offer?  I’d LOVE to hear them!

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2 thoughts on “Surviving Soccer Season

  1. We have bins in the garage labeled SOCCER, BASEBALL, BASKETBALL, TENNIS, etc. I make the kids strip in the laundry room as soon as they get in the door. Dirty uniforms go in the washer and all their gear goes in the bins. As soon as the dirty uniforms are clean…they also go in the bins. That way nothing ever gets lost.

    Also, totally recommend investing in one of these for soccer season…


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