Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself


Soccer season is upon us… for me and 13 million other American families.  It’s so important for all our littles to learn the mantra “believe in yourself”!

My husband and I both grew up playing soccer and have really great memories of the games, practices, friends, and moments of pure glory.  Thankfully our daughter enjoyed her first season last year.  However, swim team was a little rough over the summer, let’s call it performance anxiety.  This past Friday and Saturday she was telling me she was really nervous about the game.  Well, I’m proud to report that she scored three goals and had ZERO anxiety when the game got rolling.

The goal scoring is not the incredible thing that happened that day.  Both teams were full of little girls with huge smiles.  I cannot believe the determination and ability to follow through.  They went from shy, timid girls last year to fierce, enthusiastic little players.  I just loved seeing our two brand new players (new to the sport too) take the field and play their hearts out!

Favorite things about Soccer Saturdays:

  • Watching these girls be so sure of themselves when it’s time for a throw-in and they know to stand in front of an opposing player.
  • Chasing after the ball even when it’s definitely going out of bounds… just in case.
  • When a girl falls down and her teammate comes over to help her up.
  • When the girls yell and do jumping hugs after a goal.

For me the determination, confidence, and enthusiasm are why team sports are important to every child’s upbringing.  Exercise, fun, friendship, trials and tribulations, learning new things, the concept of strategy, wins and losses, leadership, sportsmanship, confidence, and determination are life lessons and they all start with being a part of a team.  On the way to every game I say:

“The most important thing is to have fun.  The next most important thing is to try your hardest.  And the last most important thing is to cheer for your teammates.”

Fun fact: I missed the first goal completely.  I guess it was a straightaway from the opponents goal all the way to ours.  She did the little jumps she does when she is so proud of herself with a big grin and eyes shining.  There were high-fives and hugs and squeals from her teammates.  It was glorious…or so I’m told.  Where was I?  Oh, I was in a port-o-potty by the parking lot in 95° heat (so about 1000° when you’re in one of those things) begging my son to poop.  I popped my head out when I heard the screams and saw my husband giving me the thumbs up.  Don’t worry, he pooped his pants later that night.

This week is all about soccer!  So stay tuned soccer moms!!!!

If you haven’t yet, check out LoveandKnuckles on Facebook.  I was the 9 question winner this week.  It’s a quick fun read.

Oh yeah, and believe in yourself.




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