Meet Courtney Kain

Chris & Court 2

Today’s mama is a gorgeous, statuesque blonde.  I met her through my husband many years ago who was working with her then boyfriend (now husband), Chris.  Chris introduced Nick to Courtney and it turns out he knew Courtney from growing up in the same area.  About five years after that, she and I got to spend a few years sharing a workplace.  Funny how the world can seem so small!  She’s easily the most easy going person I’ve ever met.  I’m know she’s had stressful moments in her life, but you’d never know it.  She has a calm about her and always a smile that radiates pure joy.  She’s loves reggae music, funny stories, slightly irreverent jokes, and her family.  You have to love someone who is smart, strategic, and successful yet doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

Meet Courtney


Hello to Mama Momtourage and Friends! My name is Courtney Kain and my husband Chris and I live in East Sacramento with our son Braylen (21 months), dog Mosley and cat Flea. We also have a baby girl (affectionately being called Sugar…get it – Sugar Kain?) due in October.


We have lived in East Sac for 12 years and absolutely love it. My husband and I both grew up in El Dorado Hills and have known each other since we were young. Some say it was an arranged marriage as his dad was my high school basketball coach and I loved his much older son from afar for years. Once I grew up Chris seemed to see me in a different light…and the rest is history.


Our family is always on the go and we love being outside. We spend our weekends riding bikes, hiking, snow skiing (hello wet weather?), enjoying the rivers or just relaxing in our backyard. I work for a fabulous non-profit called Girls on the Run (ATTENTION MOMS or WOMEN THAT SUPPORT YOUNG GIRLS – you must check us out! Let’s help all the little girls in our community become better women). I am fortunate that I get to work from home and do the work thing and the mom thing simultaneously. My days are non-stop while I try to successfully juggle both full-time duties, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Currently Coveting:



As I pondered the question of what I’m currently coveting the first thing that came in to my brain was a day at home by myself. Is that horrible? I don’t know the last time that I had a day at home to do whatever I wanted without being interrupted. And, being almost 8 months pregnant, I’m in FULL nesting mode and I’d love to clean my house, organize a closet, take a long nap…shoot…whatever I feel like without someone needing me to do something for them.


A more fun coveted item would be an awesome vacation with my husband. The top 2 trips on my list are an African Safari (we would do it right and stay in breathtaking treehouse-type accommodations) or a trip to see the Northern Lights while staying in an Ice Hotel (yes, think igloo, but posh). With baby #2 on the way I don’t see either of these trips happening any time soon, but they are both high on the list!

I really love…


Morning runs. It is the time when I can either be with girlfriends (schedule permitting) for some girlfriend therapy or be with my own thoughts and the company of my dog. It is something I can do wherever I am and be outside with the fresh sounds/sights/feeling of morning. I have been blessed with two healthy pregnancies so I’ve been able to lace up my running shoes and enjoy my mornings until almost full term. It helps me both mentally and physically. I absolutely love my morning runs.

Guilty Pleasure…


Definitely. 100%. Reality TV. I’m primarily a Bravo girl, but I do dip in to MTV to watch Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant. My husband is a saint and lets me dominate the main TV to watch my smut, but I think he secretly likes the shows, too.

Fave beauty items:


This probably seems crazy to some as it definitely was a gamble for me, but my fave beauty item is currently a jar of organic, unpasteurized honey from Trader Joe’s. I have problematic skin (which seems to go full steam during my pregnancies) and my esthetician recommended I try it since I’m limited on what products I can use. It is hydrating and works as anti-bacterial magic on any of my issues. I was a little hesitant because I was worried about the sticky-factor and have been told to try 100 different products that never seemed to work…but this little jar of heaven is AH-MAZE-ING!! Not sticky, has little crystals that exfoliate and smells good! Plus, the price was right (it’s like $7) and I figured if it didn’t work for my face I could use it in the kitchen. Try it…I’m telling you it’s a jar of miracles.

Recent mommy moment…

Sweet Braylen

This isn’t my most recent mom moment, but it is one of my favorites…or funniest…or nastiest…either way it set a new bar in our house. My son was in the crawling stages of life and because we live in a one story, totally baby-proofed house he pretty much had free range to cruise at his leisure while I was working/watching him. He had disappeared in to our back hallway and I noticed it was quiet for a while (NEVER a good sign) so I went to check on him. As I turned the corner I found my little angel lying face down playing with something on the floor. He heard me coming and turned around to give me a big, excited smile and I saw something hanging out of his mouth. Upon closer examination I saw he had discovered a pile of CAT BARF and had put the hairball in to his mouth and was happily finger painting in the residual puke. OMG. SICK. I screamed and started heaving as I quickly removed the particles from his mouth…which was now on my hand…oh gawd. It was the horrible. And to make matters worse my husband was out of town so I had to confess what happened when he returned later that week.

People always comment how laid back I am for a first-time mom. They say I don’t get upset when Braylen eats/licks/touches/drops his (fill in the blank) and I always say, “It can’t be worse than cat barf, right?” Please tell me you moms have had similar situations with your children! Please!



OMG!  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the cat barf story.  That is seriously disgusting and makes me feel better about the poop situation I just dealt with.  Also, I have never heard about this honey trick.  I’m totally going to check it out!  Lastly, I’ve seen those Northern Lights igloo things on Pinterest for a while now, they look seriously amazing!!

To learn more about Girls on the Run, like them on Facebook.  GOTR gets girls moving with running and games, they teach them the importance of healthy eating, introduce them to positive role models, and provide them with a support system.  If you have time or money to donate, check out their site!  One volunteer opportunity is to be a running buddy and help a little one finish their first 5K race.  Awesome!

Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to share your life with us Courtney!  I hope you enjoy the next few weeks while waiting for little Sugar to arrive.  We wish you all the best!

Have a great weekend!




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