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We bought our house about two years ago and I’m still trying to figure out how to inject my style (and that of my family’s) into every little nook and cranny.  When we first moved in it was pretty generic.  The previous owners really didn’t put much into the home.  That blank slate is exactly why I started a “Home Project” binder.  I added all kinds of projects that I really intended to do from all my favorites on Pinterest.  Some of the projects have been done, some are waiting for funding, and some just aren’t going to work for our style or because of functionality.  I’m currently on the hunt for inspiration for our entryway, kitchen, coffee table situation, kids bath, master bath, and I know my little darling is going to need an update in her room soon… hopefully not too soon!  Here are some images and ideas that are inspiring me lately.

For more inspiration you can follow my Home Decor, Kitchen, Entryway, Bedroom, and Bathroom Boards by clicking on them  You can find all my boards and pins here.  Enjoy!


Inspirational quote via Country Living

This is absolutely what I believe.  I prefer a home that has been, or just feels like it has been, collected over the years.  Matchy matchy sets are not for me.  I like character, quirk, and color.


via Etsy

This is what I would love love love to have in my entryway.


Hallway Stripes via Freckle Face Girl

Maybe some stripes in the entryway would spice up the space.  I’ve always loved a stripey wall!


Gallery Wall via The House of Smiths

I love the ledge with the pictures leaning against the wall.  I used to want to have some hooks under the ledge to make the entryway a “drop zone”, but I’m worried it will get too messy or look too cluttered.


Shutter wall via Dishfunctional Designs

A collection of weathered shutters as a wall treatment would really add texture and character to the entry space.  Maybe a few different colors and sizes pieced together like a puzzle?


Entry decor via Cote de Texas

I wish my entry could feel like this, but I think it’s just too formal.  I love the bust and the lighting fixture though.


Monochromatic Groupings via Apartment Therapy

Not for the entryway, but somewhere else in my house.  I’ve been really obsessed with maps and globes lately.  I love them for the practicality of teaching the kids about geography, but I also think they are so pretty!


Grey, white, and yellow kitchen via Southern Hospitality

If I could dream up a kitchen, it would look pretty close to this!  Grey, yellow, Carrera marble, and that flooring!  This is a light and airy kitchen, LOVE.


Thanksgiving Dining Room via Dear Lillie

A harvest tablescape.  Loving the ruffled runner and the two tone table.


Cozy Sitting Area via 11 Magnolia Lane

My coffee table dilemma is a real problem.  I have an idea of what I want there, but I have yet to find what’s in my head.  I like this take on the coffee table and I love the way they’ve style it.


Girl’s Bedroom via Style me Pretty

I’m loving this color combo.  If I did this with Ms. Lou’s room, it would have to be “Elsa Blue” instead of turquoise.  I really like the gallery wall and the pom poms on the curtains.


Cece’s Nursery via Ben Field Photography

This is room is so gorgeous.  It’s a little too formal for my setup, but I love the wings, the layered rugs, the wall color, and the gold writing.  I was looking for a set of white wings last December, maybe I should start my search again…


Blake’s Bath via Live Beautifully

This is exactly what I want to do with the kids bathroom.  Love everything about it!!


Bathroom shelves via Houzz

Again, exactly what I want my Master bathtub to look like.  I love the shelves!

If you still need for inspo you can follow my Home DecorKitchenEntrywayBedroom, and Bathroom Boards by clicking on them  You can find all my boards and pins here.  Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Home Decor Inspo

  1. I am in awe. I have decorated many homes over the years, and at 56 years old, I think I found roots. My comfort zone. Our basement family room is going from earthy dark old world, to creamy, open airy, light breathability comfort. I love the change, and I love your site that gives me more incentive to continue with my journey. I want to return to the open light, natural elements, sentimental items, and that feeling of “just really take a deep breath.” Thank you for making me see there are more people out there seeking this comfort zone also.

    • Thanks Deb! You know, a basement has always been a dream of mine. But in NorCal suburbia, they are very hard to come by! I’m sure all your hard work and determination will turn into a space you really, really love. You mentioned, “that feeling of just really take a deep breath.” – YES! I’ve never been able to put that all into words before, but I think that describes what I try to create perfectly. I would love to see pics of the process and of the end product as well. Thanks for stopping by!


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