Summer Lessons Learned

Summer Lessons Header

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.  We went back to the lake and spent some QT with family.  It was so nice to be “off the grid”.  Even though there are still warm temps here in NorCal, I believe the end of Labor Day marks the end of summer.  Here are a few lessons I learned this summer.

  • Summer days are long, but the season is short.  Savor every sweaty, water logged, laugh-til-you-cry moment.
  • Disappointments will happen, don’t lower your standards…
  • No matter how many lists I make, I’ll forget something or something won’t go as planned.  It’s ok.
  • Road trips are worth the traffic, distance, and early mornings.  That spontaneity is something you can’t do with school-age children the other 9-10 months of the year.
  • Kids are far more intuitive than I give them credit for.
  • When it feels like the world is full of sucky people, remember that there are so many good, salt-of-the-earth people in the world too.
  • Exploring a new place or doing something for the first time as a family is an instant bond and always a memory made.
  • Kids can be very mean, and that meanness can leave a scar that will hurt you and your child for a very long time.  But kids are more resilient than parents can be.
  • Jumping off a boat into an ice cold lake can make you feel like a kid again.
  • How to flush poop out of a child’s eye.
  • A roaring campfire is like a time machine to Girl Scout camp, “Kum Ba Ya” anyone?
  • When anyone says, “I’m pregnant!”/”So-and-so just had a brand new baby.”/”I just went to a baby shower.” I instantly want another little baby of my own.  (Don’t get too excited, it’s not going to happen…)
  • Girl talk with a teenager can also make you feel like a teenager.
  • Changes in friend’s lives are hard, but it’s hardest on them.  Go the extra mile to let them know you’re there to help.
  • Bird watching in the backyard, eating homegrown fruits and veggies off the vine, and a nighttime game of capture the flag are some of the best “staycation” activities.
  • Dining alfresco is quintessential summer.  Candle light, a cool breeze, great friends, a glass of vino, and delicious food = Pure happiness.
  • I am very lucky to have my family and my husband’s family as a support system for our kids.  Our little Rinos love and treasure every second they get with them.
  • Swim meets are very different when you’re the parent instead of the swimmer.
  • Even though I think NOT signing my kids up for any summer camps in May is fabulous because I can’t stand to be away from them for another second automatically becomes a terrible idea the first week of August.
  • Back to school is a little sad, but seeing them gain independence, make new friends, and learn so many new things make my heart happy.

I hope you all had the best summer yet!






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