My favorite Pinners

I am a major Pinterest loving weirdo, and today I’m going to share my top pinners!  These fellow pinners and I are Pinterest soul mates, style sisters.  They are the ones that pin everything in my dreams or everything I just pinned!  You can see all the Pinners I follow here.  You can click here to see all 89 of my boards and follow me on Pinterest if you don’t already.


Heather Gwinup

I follow Heather’s Oily Board for all things Essential Oil related.  Heather introduced me to Young Living essential oils about a month ago.  She gave me a sample of some hand sanitizer and some Sleepy Cream that she made with the oils.  Because I’m part hippie and have sleep issues.  The cream did not disappoint and I had the most amazing dreams!  My hubby was teasing me about it and calling it “snake oil” until he tried it.  He woke up the next morning, slept through his alarm, and said, “She must be putting crushed up Ambien in that snake oil!”.  Yep, it’s that good.  It’s a blend of the oils mixed with coconut oil.  Heather sponsored last month’s MNO Goodie bags and we all got some awesome lip balm and essential oil samples.  (If you or your business is interested in sponsoring a goodie bag for an upcoming MNO – email me at mamamomtourage {at} gmail {dot} com.)  You can follow Heather’s Oily Board here to find out all the other things essential oils can do for you.


Life on Virginia Street

I follow this pinner for inspiring interiors, fun and easy DIYs, and excellent gift ideas!  I interpret her style as white washed with pops of color and pattern (like leopard!), a bit of whimsy, and a clean, uncluttered feel.  Plus, she pins some seriously cute gift ideas. (bottom right)  You can follow Life on Virginia Street on Pinterest here and find the blog here.


IHeart Organizing

I mean, c’mon… The reason I follow this pinner is because her name is something I truly do!  Other than organizing, she collects pins like a gratitude board! (top left)  Love that!  I’m going to start one for the family in September.  (Deets in a future post!)  You can follow IHeart Organizing on Pinterest here and find the blog here.


Burlap and Crystal

This is another pinner I love because of the inspiring interiors and cute, easy DIYs.  Plus, she pins quirky things like that zombie plant (lower right) for festive occasions.  Not to mention, Burlap and Bling is how some may describe my personal interior design style… I NEED to make that glittering state print.  I’m so doing that!  Anyone want to come over and do it with me?  I’m not kidding…message me.  You can follow Burlap and Crystal on Pinterest here and find the blog here.


Pretty Yummy Foods

I follow this pinner for all things FOOD!  She has four growing boys to feed and she shows you exactly how she does it.  I love that her recipes are things I grew up on, but elevated to a level adults would appreciate yet simple enough for the kids to love too.  For example, her boys wanted to have Top Ramen, she didn’t say no, she said on my terms and came up with a delicious dish that added veggies and a protein punch.  Basically her food is homemade, approachable, delicious, nutritious, and unfussy while presented in a pretty way with excellent, clear cut directions.  Super fab!  You can follow Pretty Yummy Foods on Pinterest here and find the blog here.


The Skinny Confidential

I’m uh-bsessed with this pinner!  I pretty much stalk her blog.  I follow her for all things beauty and health from the inside out.  This SoCal babe has a bohemian vibe with pops of rocker.  She prefers all natural whenever possible, but never skimps on the primp.  Bonus: she interviews models, top fitness peeps, and other amazing and beautiful ladies all the time and get’s the full skinny scoop!  Plus, there’s always tips and tricks like the ice water one. (bottom left)  You can follow The Skinny Confidential on Pinterest here and find the blog here.

Who’s your favorite pinner??  You can see all the Pinners I follow here.  You can click here to see all 89 of my boards and follow me on Pinterest if you don’t already.




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