All Kinds of Kinds

All Kinds of Kinds

Thanks Miranda, “All Kinds of Kinds” is a good reminder for anyone in life, but especially for kids that are back to school and for parents with kids going back to school.  It can be tough to make friends, it can be tough to meet new people, teachers, and parents.  But without all kinds of kinds in the world, life would be boring.  Accept eccentricities, shyness, gregarious personalities, and the know-it-alls.  They all come together to create the tapestry of your life.

I have so many memories of my school years.  I had this one mean kid in my class (the same class for 12 years and 1 1/2 year of junior college), I remember him pulling on my braids in kindergarten until my scalp was red, I can remember him getting into a fight on the playground in 4th grade, and I can remember him trying to pay my date to ditch me so I would be stood up for the Homecoming dance my freshman year.  I also remember seeing him at junior college in a wheel chair with multiple broken limbs, I felt so bad for him.  He told me he had been hit by a drunk driver when he was on his moped in Italy.  I pushed him to his class and got him all set up with books, pens, and  notebooks.  I was late to my own class, but I felt good about doing a good deed for an old friend… Until I ran into his mom and told her I was so sorry to hear that he may never walk again.  She told me he had fallen off a curb when he was drunk and had been hit by a moped and that he would he back to normal in a week.  Ha!!!  He got me again!

Like it or not, he has been a part of my life and taught me life lessons.  I have taught those lessons to my kids.  They each know him by name.  Funny how life works.  So embrace the good and the bad and learn from it what you can.  You will survive and someday you will be able to look back and laugh.

It takes all kinds of kinds.




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