A GIVEAWAY and Decor Inspiration

I do love a classic black and white silhouette.  I have two in my house of my kiddos when they were tiny tots.  Every time I look at them I remember the moment they were created.  Each one squirming around on my lap.  I was certain the artist wouldn’t be able to capture the likeness of a moving target.  Each time I was pleasantly surprised.
I’ve never worked with Karl Johnson before, but I’ve heard he’s the best of the best when it comes to silhouette artists.  The exciting news is that he’s coming to Folsom on September 4th!
Karl Johnson is a third generation Silhouette Artist.  He has been featured in newspapers and magazines all over the country and also has a large celebrity following.  Karl will be visiting local children’s stores in the Sacramento area from September 4-7th to create hand cut silhouette portraits.
Celebrities Karl has created portraits for in person include Reese Witherspoon, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Cruise, Secretary of State John Kerry, Steven Spielberg and many more.  He created silhouettes at the weddings of Reese Witherspoon & Drew Barrymore.  Also, the birthday parties of Jennifer Lopez & Tom Cruise.  Jennifer Garner is a regular customer at a local children’s boutique in Los Angeles.


Top row: kiddie dress-up time memorialized as a silhouette.  Bottom: An adorable housewarming gift still in the process.  Both From Karl’s website.

Karl Johnson is an incredibly talented man.  He does the in-person silhouettes in just seconds!  You should like him on Facebook and check out his website for more details.  He’s also taking the classic silhouette from the wall to onesies.  He’s also improving upon the classic by memorializing special moments, objects, and pups too!


An adorable onsie available here.


A great way to showcase Fido.


A gallery wall of colorful silhouettes.

Here are a few pieces of design inspiration from Pinterest:


 Our Christmas Mantle 2011 via The Yellow Cape Cod

I love the way the silhouettes are set off with a red mat.  Plus, antlers!  Love that.


Classic Silhouettes via The Anderson Crew

Classic and cute with the blue bench.


Here’s my very own gallery wall.  I have the silhouettes of our kids bookending the bottom row.


Karl Johnson is giving away one silhouette portrait (valued at $25) to be redeemed at the Starlight Starbright event in Folsom on September 4th!!!

To enter the contest, please comment below.  The winner will be announced next Thursday, August 28th.

Good luck!



6 thoughts on “A GIVEAWAY and Decor Inspiration

  1. I’d love to have this done for my twin boys. It would be a great way to always remember their cute, little, 3 month old, chubby faces.


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