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It seems like everywhere you turn there’s a box subscription.  You want clothes hand selected for you?  Great, try this.  Does your dog need a little TLC?  There’s a box for that!  The list goes on and on and on…. I’m definitely not knocking them, but a girl could get carried away!

Giuliana & Bill

I’ve loved Giuiliana Rancic since she was Giuiliana DePandi.  Those were the days that I religiously watch E! News.  Then she met the dashing, dapper, and handsome Bill Rancic.  What a dream boat!!!  And I watched as they struggled through their infertility issues and was so happy for them when they welcomed that sweet little Duke into the world.  At some point she started a blog, fabfitfun.  I remember signing up as a subscriber, I was one of the first 100.

FabFitFun gives readers the latest and greatest in beauty, wellness, health, fitness, and fashion — everything a woman needs to feel good from the inside out. Filled with trendsetting info, the site sets the bar for all things fab, fit, and fun. It’s the perfect way to kickstart your happy and get more from life every day!



I read the blog pretty regularly, it always has great information about health, fitness, beauty, or fashion.  A while ago they started doing these VIP boxes.  They sent me coupon I couldn’t resist, so I decided to give it a try.  Here’s the deets.  You fill out a survey telling them a little bit about yourself and you choose whether or not you want a subscription (delivered quarterly) or just a one time try.  My box came super fast!  It contains $245.77 in goods.  They are all full size.(Except for the panty liners and shave cream.)  You can get your box here for $49.99, use FLASH10 and get it for $39.99.  Super cheap, right??


Sonya Dakar Flash Facial $95: I’ve been dying to try a Sonya Dakar product, I’ve seen many celebs talking about her Skin Clinic.  So I was pretty excited to see that in the box!

Review: My skin did feel smoother, but the smell is overwhelming.  When applying the thin layer of gel exfoliant, I was overcome with the smell of chemicals. It was really unpleasant and made my nose hurt. But the bad smell only lasts about 30 seconds.  I think it was the hyaluronic and lactic acids.

Pur-lisse pur-protect SPF 30 $55: I’m very loyal to my EltaMD sunscreen, so I wasn’t initially that excited to see a tube of face sunscreen.

Review: I actually really liked it!  It’s not replacing my EltaMD, but it’s a great back-up.  I wore it without moisturizer underneath and put make-up over.  The make-up went on smooth!  But $55 for a back-up is a little much.  I do like that it’s based on Chinese beauty rituals and that they use all natural ingredients.

Balanced Guru No Frizz (hair) Oil $25:  I used Argan oil when it was all the rage and wasn’t super impressed, but I always liked the smell!

Review: I love that it’s an all-natural product and I likes the de-frizz situation.  However, the smell was exactly the same smell as my Killer Green Buzz juice from Whole Foods.  Not sure that’s a plus.


Thursday Friday Away Mini Clutch/Make-up Bag $35: And then there’s this adorable little make-up bag.  OMG, super adorbs with that little Chanel chain bag look alike on it.  Love it! Plus, they put a gift card in the box…Bonus!!

Other items in the box:


FabFitFun Water Infuser BPA-free Water Bottle $15 – This bottle is pretty cool.  I love infusing my water and this has a tube in the middle that keeps the fruit to vegetables in one place.  And it says “Grab Life by the Exercise Balls”.  Pretty hilarious!

Zoya Nail Polish “Maya” $9 – It’s all natural nail polish in a perfectly pinky-peach.

KISSTIXX Lip Balm $5.99 – Apparently you give one flavor to your kissing partner and you have the other then you kiss and the flavors mix.  This product was on Shark Tank, love that!  I think I may be a little old for their target market, but I never leave home without a lip balm and these flavors are fun!  And they added a coupon!!!  Love that!

POPchips $1.29 – Yum!

Skintimate Shave Gel $1.99

Always Xtra Protection Long Daily Liners $1.50

Slimfast “Have Your Cake” Meal Bar $1 – Yum!

All in all, the Sonya Dakar product, the hair oil, the water bottle, and the make-up bag made this all worth the cheap price of $49.99 for this VIP FFF Box.  You can get your own box here.  Use the FLASH10 coupon code for $10 off!  Come on!  At $39.99, this is definitely worth a try!




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