Organization Heals All

Organization Heals All

In times when there are so many things I cannot control are throwing me for a loop, I hold on tightly to the things I can.  For me, last week brought so many changes to my family’s daily routine.  To be honest it started about a month before, ramped up the week before last with B going to school, and really went “arse over tea kettle” when Lou started afternoon Kindergarten. 

So, what did I do to ease the strain?  I cleaned out my daughter’s closet.  Turns out I can’t control that all the time either.  Next, I created a “Back to school” binder for each kid, then I started to clean out my closet, then I moved onto the garage.  I didn’t just clean it, I can actually give you an itemized list of all the items currently out there.  Boxes were sorted through, new shelving erected, things were re-boxed, re-labeled, donated, things will be sold, but that garage is going to stay as clean and organized as possible!  Organization heals all.

Moving into the 2nd full week of new changes I actually feel much better.  Ahhhhh, organization.  Just don’t mess with my garage!

Have a great week everybody!





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