Self Forgiveness + New Beginnings = Magic

Self Forgiveness + New Beginnings = Magic

Meister Eckhart via BLDG 25 Blog

I stop and reflect on the previous year at the beginning of each school year.  I vividly remember getting our school supply list in the mail and my mom taking my brother and I to buy supplies, maybe a new backpack, some new uniform shirts, maybe a new uni jumper or skirt, and def some new shoes.  The smell of rubber on new shoes and the smell of fresh notebooks and paper harkens me back to feeling like the slate has been wiped completely clean.  I went to school with the same 35 people (give or take a few) for nine years, and the start of each year was magical.  No one exactly remembered how and what everybody was or did the previous year.  It was about how you’ve grown (figurative and literally) and matured from year to year.  It was like all the kids believed in the ability for other people to evolve and change themselves for the better.  It was fascinating.  Was it the naiveté of youth, or perhaps it’s the magic of positivity?

Whatever it was, I unconsciously try to recreate that time annually for myself and now for my kids.  This year my son started his educational journey and my daughter continues hers at a knew school on Wednesday.  I’m excited for them to grow, learn new things, make new friendships, and believe in the power of new beginnings.  Of course, like any other parent, I am a bundle of nerves about the entire situation and a little sad over seeing my “preeeeeeesssshhhhhuuuuuussss baaaaabbbbbbeeeeee booooooyyyyyyyyyy”, take the first steps towards becoming an independent little boy.  But the fascination of a new year is taking hold.  The possibilities are endless for them as they are for all of us.  When you reflect over the last school year, what will you leave there and what will you carry into the new one?  Become more organized, implement a new calendar system, get more or less involved in the classroom, step up your snack or lunch game, finally get the certification to go on those school field trips…

For me, the answer is too long to list here.  Self-improvement starts with self-forgiveness.  So take stock of yourself, allow yourself forgiveness and wipe the slate clean so you can start a magical new *mom* school year.  You deserve it!




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