Meet Colleen


This week’s mama is hilarious, smart, and beautiful.  She grew up in Calabasas and has tons of funny insight into celebs.  I met her when I first started working at that fabulous facility where I was an event planner.  At the end of a long, first day together she says, “Um, I thought we were going to be best friends forever, but you don’t like Love & Basketball soooo….”.  Even though that was a deal breaker for her and she went to Santa Clara (Buck the Froncos), I knew we would be good friends.  She’s the type of person that completely throws herself into anything important to you.  Countless times I would make her walk through event set-ups and act like she was the mayor or some other politician on his presidential campaign tour for quality control.  “Yes, Heir Mether Fargo will find this quite satisfactory.”  She always made me laugh with her accents and acting impressions.  Running different wedding styles, colors, and options by her always yielded a thoughtful and honest answer.  There were many things I loved about working there, but the best of them all was working with her.  You know when you have a partner in crime that is down for harmless hijinks and listens to you complain about something and instantly declares, “What a bitch!” about whatever/whoever you are talking about?  Yep, she’s like that!

Meet Colleen


I’m Colleen, I’m sixteen and I don’t need a governess. (sorry the Sound of Music reference came over me on the intro line). Ok let me start again…

I’m Colleen, a stay at home mom in San Jose to my 2 wonderful kids, Annabelle (4) and Renn (2 and change).  I’ve been married to my handsome and hardworking husband, Beau, for 7 years and been together for 12 after meeting my freshman year of college at Santa Clara University… the best West Coast Conference school.  (Seriously Co????)

I would describe myself as fun, a touch lazy, athletic, and extremely sound sensitive.  As in most noises bother me more than they should which does not bode well for a mom of two young children learning to chew with their mouths closed, 3 cats who constantly clean themselves, and a dog. Did I mention my husband is a veterinarian? Im sure I’ll end up with fish, another dog, and god knows what else… just please, no birds. I think my ears will fall off.

Currently Coveting:

australias whitsunday islands

A trip….anywhere! So in an effort to be completely honest in this post, my husband and I haven’t had a night away from our kids yet (4 years in case you forgot). I do have a wonderful sitter now that it is on summer break.   We use her frequently for dinners and movies etc., but we have yet to take the plunge and get away even for a night. Bahamas or Ireland/Scotland or Australia would be dreamy but I would settle for just about anywhere even if we brought the kids.  I’m missing my sense of adventure!

I really love…


My backyard. We moved into our home almost 3 years ago and the backyard was dirt and oleanders. No joke, I needed a machete to get from the back door to the fence line. We had to do the whole thing, add a deck, put in the play structure, plant it, create a fire pit area and on and on. It gets the perfect amount of shade, breeze, privacy and I just love spending time out there. We finally added the luxury of a gardener.  That’s how I found out that I haven’t been pruning my plants enough.


As my husband put it, “ the gardener went HAM on the plants and took a #1 clippers to them.”.  I cried and called my mom who gently reminded me they will grow back and look better than ever. But even with the hacked up plants, I love it out there. (kind of)

Guilty Pleasure…


As I mentioned above I am a touch lazy, so when kids are napping I love everything Bravo.  And scouring the internet for updates on shows that are not currently on like If Jeff Lewis still lives on Gramercy, or if Adam’s new girlfriend is knocked up yet (shes not, I think maybe he wised up after Aubree and Paislee).


I also love listening to disney music, even if my kids aren’t around. I secretly (ok not anymore) try to do all the voices of every character in a song and act out one women scenes from movies like Beauty and the Beast.

Fave beauty items:


Roc Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Serum $23.99 ///  Eucerin SPF 30 $9.99

So I’m kind of a plain Jane and I am ok with that, but I am trying to preserve myself so I do love my ROC wrinkle corrector and Eucerin daily moisturizer. Both aren’t at all greasy which I love and the moisturizer works great mixed with a little BB cream for a light tinted moisturizer.

Recent mommy moment…


I try to take the kids to church on Sundays. Beau works weekends so I am left to my own devices here.  Let’s just say some days are better than others. This past Sunday the kids both had runny noses so I didn’t put them in the nursery.  Instead we went to the back row, nearest the bathroom and back door, in case we needed to make an exit. Annabelle is wonderful, she sits quietly with her notebook and pencil practicing her name and drawing pictures of our family. Renn, not so much. He crawls on the ground, leaving a trail of muffin crumbs which i try to frantically pick up, and after each song he says, “Yay! all done? time for donut?”. He hasn’t mastered whispering yet, each time those around me turn around and smile. Then, realizing I forgot to take him potty before we left, he says he needs to go potty…again, not whispering. I quietly step out to the bathroom, let him go potty, and then come back to mass. Not five minutes later, during a song, Renn yells, “Mom more poops!”, I say, “Renn, no you just went potty”.  He sometimes confuses the two and I’m figuring he just wants an excuse to leave church again. Now the song ends and the church is silent and just as loudly and somewhat like a growling monster he says, “No mom BIG POOPS!”.  Again, all the church goers turn around and laugh and I manage a smile and take him back to the potty where he does his business. Peace be with me.


Ahhhhhhh!  Co!  Love the church story, I’ve been there too.  But girl, you guys have got to plan a getaway!  I love and miss your one woman shows.  If only Broadway knew what they were missing.  Thanks so much for sharing a little about you and for showing us pictures of those adorable kiddos!

Have a great weekend!




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