Meet Stephanie

This week is an all FIVE FOR FRIDAY week!  I have some lovely mamas lined up for you to meet!  Enjoy!

Today I have a very special Five for Friday, my cousin Stephanie.  She’s not that much older than I am, but I’ve always looked up to her.  She was (still is) the popular, pretty girl that always had the coolest boyfriends.  Our families have spent countless vacations and holidays together.  I feel so lucky to have made so many memories over the years with her.  She was always the first one in her teeny bikini trying to soak up all the rays during the “best tanning hours”.  She’s kind, smart, interesting, fun-loving, and just about the nicest person you could ever meet.  She moved to El Dorado Hills about two years ago and I couldn’t have been more excited about that!  It’s been so great to see our families get closer, and it’s been even better to make so many memories for our kids.

Meet Stephanie



My name is Stephanie Hansen and I live in El Dorado Hills.  My husband Greg and I just celebrated our 14th anniversary.


We have four beautiful kids: Zachary (10), Nathan (8), Zoie (5), and Chelsie (2).  We moved here two years ago from Marin County, where I grew up.  I am a stay at home mom and fitness instructor.  I started teaching about 6 years ago and just got hired recently to start subbing again which is super exciting.

I was a fixed income trader in San Francisco and quit when my second child was born.  It is definitely challenging, rewarding, and exhausting being at home:)  Greg and I met in San Francisco through a friend and started dating one week later.  We lived in SF until a month before my second child was born.   We love to do outdoor activities, movies, vacations, and hang out with friends and family.

Currently Coveting:


A pergola!  Our house had an all dirt, rocky back yard when we moved in.  We put a pool in last year and finally got some ground cover and plants this spring.
fan palm
We would love to have a pergola over our sitting area by the pool and my palm trees!  Landscaping is a new world for us and overwhelming, especially with figuring out what plants will survive the heat!

I really love…


My TV shows!  This is tough because my “guilty pleasure” and “really love categories” could be reversed!  Parenting four kids is rewarding, but also really tiring.  I definitely like to get the kids in bed and watch my TV shows.   It is our down time after busy days chasing or driving them around.  Some favorites:  Bachelorette, Mistresses, True Blood, Motive, Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, Jimmy Fallon, Housewives… I’ll stop there…you get the point!

Guilty Pleasure…

Donut Case 2

Donuts and more donuts!  If these yummy treats were low calorie, I would eat them all day long.  I am not picky on flavor, however my favorite is a good maple bar and I will not eat a French Cruller.  We usually do a donut run every weekend to Donuts Delight in Cameron Park, and eat at least one dozen. Zachary alone can eat four in one sitting. They are the best in Northern California, period.
My mom always used this on my lips, scrapes, bites, burns, etc when I was growing up, and we now just refer to it as “gook”.  Highly technical term, I know.  I still use it today and have a tube in every purse, diaper bag, swim bag, and car.

Recent mommy moment…


It is hard to choose a mommy moment as there are so many.  Recently I had taken them all to the gym with me.  Usually all goes smoothly and the boys had come downstairs to meet me in the play center.  This particular time, I asked Nathan to go to the bathroom because we were leaving for a longer drive to Marin.  Zoie had just gone, so great!  While waiting outside the Play Center for Nathan, Zoie yells, “I have to go again, wait for me!”  I calmly said, “Go into the play center and go again, I’ll wait right here”.  I feel the tantrum setting in, but remain calm… she starts to cry a little but goes inside.  Meanwhile, Chelsie is wanting a bar to eat, Zachary is telling Zoie to go to the bathroom, and Nathan is back.  I check on Zoie who is crying heavily now, yelling to wait for her and the play center staff is confused as to what is happening.  I gave them a look like “sorry, she’s tired” and tried to get her out fast.  She then dropped to the floor by the weights, crying “you are so mean, you are not waiting!”  By then, others have started looking and I say “you are having a tantrum and I would like to get you out of here”.  She says, “I can’t!”  I get her up and out front of the gym to cool off.  A few glances of craziness I feel, but ignore and start walking to car.  She is running after me…”don’t leave me, mommmmmmyyyyyyyy!”  I reassure her that I’m not and continue walking.   Meanwhile, Zachary is totally embarrassed “Zoie stop!  You are such a baby!”  “No, I’m not!”… it goes on and continued for a few minutes in the car…
Oh man, I have not had terrible 5’s with any other child.  Drama!
Mmmmmmmm…donuts!  Yes please!  OK, this Eight Hour cream is a major FACT!  I can remember being at the Wooz and her little brother had to stop in the middle of the maze to get some gook from my aunt.  My mom was wild about it too.  It really is a great all-round cream.  Thanks so much Steph for taking the time to tell us all about you!
Have a great weekend!




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