Meet Jadelyn

 This week is an all FIVE FOR FRIDAY week!  I have some lovely mamas lined up for you to meet!  Enjoy!

Can you imagine what it will be like when your kiddos start driving and looking at colleges?  I can’t – it kinda scares me.  Well today’s mama knows all about that craziness as she and her handsome hubby are currently navigating those waters.  Jadelyn has two ridiculously good-looking and kind hearted kids.  (I need to learn how she’s been able to do that….)  She is a super nice, outgoing person, but don’t mess with her.  This is a crossfit-fit mama!  Jadelyn, her hubby and her kiddos are all very dedicated to their FCCF workouts.  And it’s paying off!  Jadelyn recently turned a beloved hobby into a business.  It’s always inspiring to hear about people that can make their passion their business.  You can check out her photography business, Alvarez Photos here.

Meet Jadelyn


Hi Mamas!

My name is Jadelyn Alvarez. I have been married to my wonderful husband Hector for 17 years, together for 23 years. We met when I worked as a Lifeguard at Moffett NAS. Hector was in the Navy and would come to the base pool to workout. We have two great kids. Austin will be 16 in October and Ciara will be 13 in October. We have lived in Folsom for 16 years and have recently taken the bold step of going into business on our own. Hector runs a security consulting firm that specializes in violence prevention and I started a photography business. I have always loved taking pictures but never really considered turning it into a business until recently. I am having so much fun taking pictures of people’s special life moments, or just about anything that will sit still long enough for me to snap a shot!! I love to being creative and this feeds my creative juices!!

Currently Coveting:


Photo by Michele Rawson

I am dreaming of a trip to Italy (The sooner the better).  It’s been on my bucket list since I had a cousin move there a few years ago.  Hector and I hope to make this a reality within the next two years.

I really love…


My Canon 60D Camera and my lenses that I have lovingly named Lou (Tamron 70-200mm) and Joe (Tamron 24-70mm)…I love taking pictures and these are my tools of choice (for now…).  I also love Photoshop and Lightroom – I think those are the two programs that are constantly open on my computer!!  I can get lost for hours playing with pictures in these programs.

Guilty Pleasure…

amazon_2  I know it’s random, but I LOVE  I am not a big shopper so I love the convenience that I can shop whenever I want and get my items shipped directly to my door within two days.  I have yet to find something I need that Amazon doesn’t have. I even have my kids trained to check Amazon first before we head out to a store. It’s a sad, but convenient addiction!

Fave beauty item:


TimeWise Repair Volu-Firm Set $199

Mary Kay Timewise System.  I’ve been using it for years!

Recent mommy moment…


Right now, we are now in the midst of drivers training.  Sitting in the passenger seat teaching a teen to drive is very nerve racking. Although Austin is doing good there are times when we hold our breath a little bit.  Last week I think a fellow driver on Riley Street did too as Austin took a hard turn a little too wide and right when the other car was driving by.  Luckily, the other car wasn’t a teen driver and we managed to not collide with each other.

Oh man, I am totally freaking out just thinking about letting little Lyla take the wheel of a car!  Good luck, but I’m sure you and Hector will have that handsome son of yours driving expertly and safely in no time!  I also need to trip to Italy.  Love it!  Thanks so much for letting us peek into your life!  Don’t forget to check out Alvarez Photography and “like” them on Facebook.  She just wrapped up a contest and I’m sure there will be more to come!  You don’t want to miss that!

Have a great weekend!




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