Meet Abbey

This week is an all FIVE FOR FRIDAY week!  I have some lovely mamas lined up for you to meet!  Enjoy!

Today I have an adorable, sweet, fun, and creative brand-new mom for you to get to know.  She and I worked together about five years ago.  She’s always been one of the most honest and genuine people you could ever meet.  She’s the kinda girl you never forget even long after you’ve met. Her beauty leaves an impression, but her kindness is truly what sticks in your brain.  Can someone really be that nice? The answer is yes, she is.  Just like her all-American good looks, she comes by her kindness honestly.  Her parents are so sweet and super duper nice.  It’s definitely the kinda family you want to hang with.  Today Abbey is talking all about beauty, life as a new mom, sleep deprivation, and how to get a good sweat!

Meet Abbey

photo 2

Hillary Blair Photography

Hi Momtourage!!! My name name is Abbey Pino. I live in East Sac with my husband, Jason, our sweet little 10 week old daughter, Penelope, and our labradoodle, Milly.

photo 7

Jason and I went to high school together, but didn’t start dating until long after that.

photo 8

 We got married in September of 2012 at The Firehouse in Old Sac (thank you, Amanda, for making that the most memorable, magnificent and fun night of our lives).

photo 5

I recently completed my Masters in Education, but am putting that venture on hold to be a stay at home mommy to Penny and Milly. My husband is a contractor (check him out: J&A Pino Construction) so I like to pretend I run the ‘office’ for him…which isn’t that far of a stretch since his office is our home!

photo 4

I am a spin instructor at TEAMride here in East Sac and, after a couple months off, will be back teaching my first class on August 1st. If you want the best workout of your life (no but seriously, think hot yoga type of sweating) come rock out on a bike with me!


I am a big fan of Target, Sacramento Kings, front porch sitting (with wine), food trucks, party planning, a full tank of gas, brunch/mimosas, Maui, country concerts and Instagram! Not a fan of stemless wine glasses, goat cheese, diaper blowouts, scary movies and black licorice.

Currently Coveting:

dream closet

Yikes!!! Is it wrong to have a scroll…I mean list? I covet about a million different vacations, gardens, homes, and kitchens, all thanks to Pinterest.


But being a realist, my current “covets” that I’d like to believe (slash hope and dream) are attainable SOMEday include a king sized bed as my little one often ends up between my husband and me (this is a judgement free zone right?), a walk-in closet the size of a decent bedroom, and a room dedicated to wrapping presents and DIY-ing it up, as seen on Pinterest.

As a new mama, I’m currently coveting a full night’s sleep, a magical fairy that follows me around and throws away dirty diapers before my dog gets to them (yes that happens), and my pre-preggo tummy.

I really love…

photo 1

Morning walks! There is something to be said about being outside and breathing in fresh air, but let’s get real, when that fresh air is coupled with an iced vanilla latte and a sleepy, content 10 week old, it truly is about as close to heaven as it gets. My little one is happy, my pup is loving life, and I am enjoying my newly defined ‘me’ time all while getting some rays! Those walks are saving my life as of right now since pushing a 10 pound 9 ouncer out was no easy feat and has made the idea of getting back on the saddle (of the bike, that is) seem like a slow and miserable act of torture. I will be back one day…hopefully these walks assist in making that day come sooner than later.

Guilty Pleasure…


TALENTI gelato! And pretty much any flavor will do. But what those spoonfuls go best with is a glass of red wine (in a fabulous wine glass with a stem). I’ve come to the conclusion that it also tastes better when watching a trashy Bravo reality series.

Fave beauty item:


Elta MD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 $30

I never start my morning without applying my Elta MD (red label) facial sunscreen. I believe it’s a Botox preventative, but in the end, the real preventative is my barely there bank account.


 Alterna Bamboo Beach Summer Ocean Waves Tousled Texture Spray $20

I also have fallen MADLY in love with Alterna Bamboo Beach Summer Ocean Waves spray. It’s quick and easy, which is just what this momma loves, gives me a little body and a lot of tousle, and the tropical scent makes me think I’m in Maui for a brief second (maybe I just have a really great imagination though).

Recent mommy moment…

photo 3

In the past 10 weeks since Penny was born, I have experienced MANY mommy moments seeing as though every day is new for me. I thought I was emotional prior to being a mom, but tears start flowing after simply seeing her sweet smile. And don’t even get me started on my recent breakdowns when I imagine her going off to college (yes, I’m that crazy). But on one of my morning walks this past week, while having a really intense conversation with myself, I had an analytical mom moment; I realized how judgmental I was in my pre-mommy days. Being a momma is truly something you CANNOT prepare yourself for, simply because it’s like NOTHING you have ever experienced…until you experience it. Yes, you can plan and hope for things to go certain ways, but your biggest strength and friend will be your ability to be flexible…oh, and VERY patient. I don’t feel guilty letting my little lady end up in our bed at night, because for me, it works and I’m able to function the next day. And if I just fed her an hour ago but she’s fussy and nothing seems to be fixing it, I’ll put her back on the boob because IT WORKS. ‘Baby Wise’ I am not, and maybe that’s something I’ll use for baby number 2 (holy moly I can’t even imagine #2 at the moment), but as of right now, I’m totally content, happy and judgment FREE.

Thank you so much for taking time away from your adorable family for us!  That gelato looks delish!!!!  And I cannot believe how adorable your pup is.  Congrats on your little angel. She is so sweet and I hope you get some sleep soon!
Have a great weekend!




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