Meet Dara

Once in a while you come across a smile that makes you stop and pay attention.  This mama has a smile like that.  A big, beautiful, genuine smile that radiates warmth and happiness.  I’d heard of Dara for quite some time as she is a friend of a dear friend of mine, but I’ve only recently had the pleasure of meeting her in person at a few of our Momtourage Night Outs.  She sweet and fun.  She has a big heart and you can tell that she truly loves life.

dara picture

Meet Dara

Hi! My name is Dara Delgado. I’ve enjoyed reading about other mommas on Amanda’s blog and now it’s my turn —


 Orlando Dalisay Photography

I’ve been married to my best friend for just over 3 years (married May, 21 2011). Our wedding day was, most definitely, the best day of my life. In addition to marrying my best friend, I also became a mom. That’s right ladies, I said “I do” to marrying by best friend and becoming a mom to an amazing (now, young man – Ethan) all in one awesome swoop.

me and hubs

My husband Mark and I started dating exactly one year prior to our wedding date – when I declared, “I’ve decided you’re my boyfriend”. Fast forward about 7 months after being boyfriend-girlfriend, it was New Year’s Eve – just after midnight – he ran out of the room, came back in, and moments later… he proposed! With tears of joy, I said yes! Way to start the year off!

Young etha

We were so excited to tell Ethan the news! Prior to me being engaged to Mark, I was very cautious about getting too close to Ethan in case Mark and I didn’t work out. Ethan was eleven years old and when I met him, I instantly fell in love – I know, I know, that sounds cliché but it’s so, so accurate. This boy was something special and I felt it the moment we met and hugged.

ethan collage

Today, Ethan is 16 years old. He is an amazing son, an amazing person, and wonderful older brother to our youngest son, Eli (22 months). Ethan will be a Junior at Jesuit High School next year. He continues to make us very proud with his good choices, excellent grades, having fun with rugby, and playing the flute in symphonic band.

Work wise, I’m a Loan Officer and have been originating home loans since 2001. I love my work and am very fortunate to have a career doing something I am passionate about.

Currently Coveting:

1year photo1

An anniversary getaway with my husband. We love going to the ocean, so a trip to a Mendocino County B&B with wine and relaxation is definitely coveted.


Our last getaway was our one year wedding anniversary.  I was 7 months pregnant with our sweet Eli – needless to say, the wine was out.


Since Eli was born, we have pretty much been on lock down – not complaining as there’s nowhere I’d rather be and no one I’d rather spend time with than my three boys. But let’s be honest; I want to get my husband alone! It will happen in good time.


Also, to live and own a home in East Sacramento.  Sooooo, my husband and I are currently living in what we would consider to be “not our dream home or location”. Although we do love our home that sits in a quiet cul-de-sac in Rancho Cordova, we look forward to one day living in East Sac; my husband’s ol’ stomping grounds.

I really love…

Delgado boys
My husband!  He is the most loving, selfless husband and father.  He amazes me every day and I am the luckiest wife in the world.

Brothers at Rugby
I love my sons!  The amount of love, joy, and pride I have for them is incredible.  I am so lucky to have such an amazing family.
Also wine. Red or White. Red & White. Wine.  And food and cooking.  I love to cook and try new recipes!

Guilty Pleasure…

the cheese plate

photo via 

The first thing that came to my mind with “guilty pleasure” was DAIRY. Lord knows dairy products and I do not mesh well.  Several months ago, I decided to cut dairy out of my diet. For those who know me, know I love yummy food. I love cheese, ice cream, dishes with cheese, creamer in my coffee, you get the picture. It takes way more discipline than I have to refrain from not eating all the deliciousness that dairy brings to the table 100% of the time. When I break my rules and do have dairy, the guilt is ever so real.

Fave beauty item:


Oil of Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash with Shea butter $4.79

I haven’t found anyother soap or body wash compares to this one. Smells so good and is remarkably moisturizing.

Recent mommy moment…

Brothers reading

My youngest son Eli loves playing with his cars in the hallway. Winding and releasing them so they zoom from one side of the hallway to the other. It’s pretty fun stuff. The other day, both boys and I were playing cars and we all got a little hungry.  It was time for a snack. We decided not to stop playing cars and, instead, ate in the hallway while playing cars.  Unfortunately I did’t snap a picture of our impromptu picnic in the hallway. Sweet little moments like these are the best.

I too need a couples getaway!  Wine, the ocean, and my love.  Sounds pretty dreamy to me.  I hope you get that vacay soon Dara.  I have to say, it’s rare you hear someone saying that their 16 year old son makes good choices.  You all must be doing something right!  I hope I can say that one day.  Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your like with us!

Have a great weekend!




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