Camping Fun


  1. Brady, 2 months, passed out on the beach.  Most likely because of too many beers.  (Lower right corner.)
  2. Brady, 14 months, stumbling into the tent.  He really like to whoop it up when he’s camping.
  3. Lyla, 8 months.  This is the year we decided to cage her.
  4. The beach project 2 years ago.  One is made annually.
  5. Lyla, 1 1/2, catching up on the hot goss.
  6. Brady, 14 months, taking a glow bath.
  7. Brady, 14 months, playing Indian Poker with dad and poppy.
  8. Lyla, 1 1/2, doing her chores and having a bad hair day.
  9. Lyla, 1 1/2 bathing al fresco.

Camping is fun, I swear!  The above pics are some of my favorites of the kids over the years.  This will be Lyla’s 6th Yosemite trip, Brady’s 4th, and my 12th.  I think Nick’s gone every year of his life.  The best part about this year is that I don’t have to worry about a pack-n-play or very many diapers.  Woohoo!


This picture of Lyla is from the year before last.  It’s particularly important because this was the first time she didn’t care, or really know, that she was dirty.  In all previous years she was exactly like Tony Shalhoub from the show “Monk”.  She would scream, “Wipe!  Wipe!  Wipe!!”, every time she got dirty.  It was a proud moment for me.  Although she does look slightly like a child laborer from a factory in the 50s.


That’s me mummified and under the “Go climb a rock” hat.  This was a year before we had our kiddos when it was super cold and rained a lot.  We went to the beach anyway, pretty sure it was my idea and not a good one.

Here are some stupid, funny, and kinda ingenious pins related to camping.  For more funny camping pins and some really useful ones, you can follow my Camping board for more funnies and for some great camping ideas.  You can find all my boards and pins here.  Enjoy!


via BuzzFeed

This is so funny!  At least in California we don’t have to worry about Grizzlies!


via Uniquely Crafted Signs on Etsy

This is an adorable and funny sign!



 There have been times when I would LOVE to have this!


Via Monster Munch

If I woke up next to this, I would have a heart attack!!!  But it’s pretty funny!


Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag via Fab

This is a hilarious invention, but I kinda want one……I mean it’s on the same level as the Snuggie and that was a hit!



No source found

My hubster would love this sweatshirt.  It’s always nice to be hands free.



I want this shirt!!!!


Similar found here.

These are absolutely hilarious!  Just not very family friendly…

For more inspiration you can follow my Camping board for more funnies and for some great camping ideas.  You can find all my boards and pins here.  Enjoy!



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