Oil Pulling


Oil Pulling: it sounds absolutely nothing like what it actually is.  Basically you use coconut oil as a mouth wash.  A natural mouthwash that has more and different benefits than say, Listerine.  Not bashing Listerine.  I love a fresh mouth and I believe in Listerine and Listerine strips.  Seriously, they rock!  But I’m talking about an all natural mouthwash that has an antioxidant in it (Vitamin E) and is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal (lauric acid and monolaurin).  It also has tons of vitamins: A,D,E and K.  Basically all the vitamins add up to being good for the immune system, protecting against UV rays, promoting strong bones and teeth, and better blood-clotting.

For whatever reason I have brought this topic up in different social settings with different groups of ladies and most of them haven’t heard about it, some have but don’t know what it is, and everyone seems to be curious.  So I thought I’d break it down for you!

This is a fairly newish practice, so little studies haven’t been conducted to see what actual long-term benefits are.  However, this is the list of benefits that most people swear by: whiter teeth and healthier gums, better breath, more energy, less headaches, better sinus health, clearer skin, more “normal” menstrual cycles, less or no allergy symptoms, better sleep cycle, improved lymphatic system, and a clearer mind.  I’ve also read that it can help people that get strep throat.  Some people also say it’s a great hangover cure.

I try to do it every morning.  Usually while I’m typing up all these lovely posts.  You take one tablespoon of UNREFINED and ORGANIC coconut oil and pop it into your mouth.  It’s best to be unrefined because the refining process can take out some of the enzymes that make this stuff the bomb.com.  Then just swish away.  You do not want to be too aggressive with your swishing because you have to swish for 20 MINUTES.  Yep, you read that right.  It’s a long time to go when you can’t talk if you have little kids.  That’s why I do it while they are still asleep.  When you’re done be sure to spit it out anywhere but in the sink.  The oil will turn solid again and clog your drain.

I started doing this about 4 moths ago because I like a good natural cure for things and because I’m 10% hippie.  On my mom’s side.  My brother went whole hog, I mean, he bought Birkentocks before they came back into fashion and he is fond of Patchouli oil.  Anyway, also because I have bad dental genetics (incidentally it’s from the same cousin) and I have some veneers.  If you have veneers then you know they cannot be whitened professionally, they say it’s bad for them and it won’t really work.  But I believe I can get stains off.  Like red wine from the night before.  When I do this after I’ve had red wine there’s evidence of it when I spit.  Yuck, I know.  But to me it’s proof that it’s working!

I recently “dry shaved” my legs with this stuff and it was amazing even on my super sensitive legs, (What?  I was in a hurry!), friends say they actually consume some of this and it’s really help with allergies, it’s great for cooking, shiny hair, moisturizing the skin, cooking with and added to smoothies. We can now add OP to the long list of amazing things coconut oil can do.




2 thoughts on “Oil Pulling

  1. 10% hippie…. you’re killing me. This sounds amazing, and I’m going to get some at lunch. Thanks for always keeping us on our toes Amanda! You’re the best.


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