Meet Jen

This Friday I have a funny, beautiful, and super stylish mama for you to meet!  Jen is an easy going girl that enjoys a good time.  Never a dull moment with her, this girl has some stories!  She has been a regular at our Momtourage Night Outs for many months now and always has an interesting story or a funny experience to share about her life.  She looks far too young to have had all the life experiences she’s had, but that’s all part of her charm.  I do have to warn you that after putting this post together I have added several items on my shopping list….

Meet Jen

the kids and I

Hi, my name is Jennifer Wells. I live in El Dorado Hills.

I grew up in San Jose, CA and moved here in the summer of 2006.

the kids

I have three beautiful, amazing children. Nicholas is 16 years old (from my 1st marriage), Brooke is 4 ½ years old, and Alexis is 20 months old. I realize I’m getting old when I tell people I have a 16 year old (I will be turning the big 4-0 this year).


I am married to my kind, caring, generous, funny, loving husband, Michael. We have been together for 9 years and have been married for over 5 years. We met on a street corner in East Oakland, CA while I was working. I’m sure you’re wondering why I was working on a street corner. Ha! I was a Police Officer (for 10 years) and Michael is a Police Officer. I was conducting a car stop on the corner of 96th Ave. and Bancroft Ave. Michael drove up in his patrol car (we worked for different agencies). I gave him the universal hand signal that cops give to other cops to let them know everything is ok and no assistance is required. But, Michael decided to stop anyway. He later told me that he thought I was cute so he wasn’t going anywhere. He likes to tell people that he saved my life because if he hadn’t stopped who knows what would’ve happened during that car stop. Shortly after that we started running into each other during work and the rest is history. So if you’re at my house and see a 96th/Bancroft street sign in my backyard, you’ll know the significance of it.


I have been retired now for four years. When we moved here, I transferred to a local agency and while working there I started getting chest pains. This happened on an off for quite some time. The cardiologist who was treating me finally decided it was best for me to not return to full duty so my department medically retired me. This was very hard for me because it was unexpected and wasn’t my choice. I absolutely LOVED my job. Even though it is still a little hard for me, I am doing ok health wise. Plus, I get to stay at home and spend more time with my family and I don’t have to miss my kids’ school functions and sporting events.

Currently Coveting:

floors hsc-cm36

Right now I think my answer is going to be hardwood floors in our family room. When we bought our house, we tore out the carpet in our formal living room, dining room, and hallway and replaced it with hardwood floors. I was 6 months pregnant with Brooke at the time so we decided to just replace the carpet in the family room with new carpet so she could roll around and crawl. The carpet we chose ended up being a little lighter than we thought and gets dirty easily in the heavy traffic areas so we have to have it professionally cleaned often. Now that we don’t have little ones in the crawling stage anymore, I can’t wait to rip the carpet out and put the hardwood floors in that room.

I really love…


My jeans. My friends know I LOVE to shop. I thought about starting my intro like this… “Hi, my name is Jennifer and I’m a shopaholic”.   I have over 50 pairs of jeans in my closet. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous, but I do wear jeans often. I have lots of different brands but lately have been wearing rag & bone, Paige, and Joe’s the most.

photo-35 rag & bone Jeans $198-$275

I first started seeing the rag& bone brand about a year ago all over Pinterest, fashion blogs, and in fashion magazines. One day I was at Nordstrom (which by the way happens to be my favorite store), and I saw a pair in the store so I decided to try them on to see what all the hype was about. I loved the way they fit so needless to say I decided to add that brand to my collection.


 rag & bone Kinsey boot $300

I also really love the rag & bone boots. I coveted them for quite some time. They are so comfortable and versatile. I could walk in them all day and night. My favorite styles are the Classic Newbury, Harrow, and Kinsey boots.

Guilty Pleasure…


After I put my girls to bed, I pour myself a glass of wine and watch Reality TV. Most of the reality shows I watch are on Bravo.   I LOVE watching the Real Housewives series. I know some of them are crazy, but I just can’t stop watching! I also started watching the Ladies of London. I like Flipping Out, Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis, and Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles and New York.

Fave beauty item:


Tarte Amazonian Clay blush $26

I have a few. Most days I don’t wear any make-up, but when I do I like Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes. I love the colors and they do seem to stay on my skin pretty well throughout the day.


Tarte LipSurgence Skintuitive Lip Tint $24

I recently bought the Tarte LipSurgence skintuitive lip tint. It claims to respond to your skin’s natural pH and energy, and give you a personalized tint that is your own unique shade of pink. I like the color on my lips and it doesn’t dry them out, which is a bonus.


Jane Iredale Mineral Foundation $52

I also really like Jane Iredale Mineral Foundation. It’s so quick and easy to use and matches my skin well.

Recent mommy moment…



When you have kids you end up with quite a few embarrassing moments. We recently bought new couches for our family room. While we were at the furniture store my 20 month old started going through my purse and taking stuff out. I was busy talking to the sales guy so I didn’t see what she had. I knew I didn’t have anything dangerous in my purse so I wasn’t too concerned. I figured she was looking for my iPhone. But when I looked over I noticed she had taken my emergency stash of tampons and panty liners out of my purse and set them down on the couch we were looking at. I’m sure the sales guy saw them too. Oh well! This is not the first time and I know this won’t be the last time my wonderful children embarrass me.

Thank you for letting me share some stuff about myself!


OMG!  Love those booties, I’m dreaming of fall now.  Also, I need to run out and buy that Tarte LipSurgence.  I used something similar from Smashbox for a while, but I really like Tarte’s sticks.  You have a beautiful family, those girls are adorable and your son is so handsome.  Thanks so much for sharing a little bit of your life with us, Jen!

Have a great weekend!




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