Keep Your Summer Lovin’ Sanity


Are your kids driving you crazy yet?  Mine are.  Love ’em, I really do.  Near the end of school I thought, “No, I don’t want them to go to summer camp.  We have a few vacations planned and I want to do some day camps plus I just want to be around them as much as possible.”  It was all roses and happy faces.


My how the times have changed!  Now I’m thinking, “Summer camp really could have been good for them and me.”.  Here’s a couple of sad sacks in a double time out the other day.  The time out is their fault, they were working together in a little civil uprising.  I had to put the cabosh on it to save my throne.  But what is not their fault is the snippy attitude I had later that day.  We’ve all been there right?  Please say yes…  After one vacation, several day trips, and potty training I think I’ve had it.  I honestly think it’s just where we are at in the summer.  Most of us moms haven’t had much time to ourselves and we’ve been busy creating the “Best Summer Ever!” for our little yahoos angels.  So we’re tired.  Pair that with kiddos who are used to a pretty regimented schedule with school or daycare and all and their confused and acting like jerks just doing the best they can to find their way.  Anyway, after talking to a few different moms who were experiencing something similar, I thought I would research some things to keep the kids busy and out of trouble all while saving our sanity!!!

For more inspiration you can follow my board Kids Craft/Acticity Ideas.  You can find all my boards and pins here.  Enjoy!


Back yard Shaving Cream Fight Fun via Pink and Green Mama

This looks like a good time!  One rule: out of nose, eyes, and mouth.  One tip: use Barbasol.  You can typically get it at the Dollar Store.  Just hose them off and hand them a towel before they come in.


Back Yard Water Park via Learning 4 Kids

I know, the water police will be mad about some of this.  But the Shaving Cream Pit looks awesome!


Rainbow Tag Game via Spoonful

A fun spin on “Capture the Flag”.  Oh man, that takes me back!  My brother and I used to play that with our neighborhood buddies Matt and Nick.  Too much fun!


Soap Clouds via Our Best Bites

I have done this before.  It’s awesome!  You just microwave a bar of soap.  FYI – it has to be Ivory soap or it doesn’t work.  Trust me, I’ve tried others.  You can let them play with it outside.  Just beware, the soap turns into something similar to dust, so it makes a mess.


Summer Fun Paint War Party via Hub Pages

Another messy kind of fun!  Maybe take these washable paint and water filled balloons to a local park with a large grassy area and do it there.  Just be sure to pick up all the pieces left over from the balloons.


Glow Stick Lanterns via Lil Blue Boo

I’ve been wanting to make these.  I guess now is as good a time as any!


A Drive In Movie Night via Homemaking Fun

This looks awesome!  A movie and a craft.  Invite some friends over and make it a party with popcorn and candy!


Marble Race Track via HomeSpunThreads

The possibilities are endless with this idea.  The noodle can be bought at the dollar store.  Your kids can race the marbles into the box!


How to make a Naked Egg via Imagination Station Toledo

We did this a when Lyla was two.  She thought it was very interesting then.  I need to do it again.  B would love it and I’m sure L will have all new questions.  FYI – this takes a few days before the shell comes all the way off.  But it gives them something to “check on” daily.


Use Your Noodle via Parents

Too cute!  This is great for all ages.


Hot Rocks via eighteen25

Painting rocks is one of our favorite camping activities.  This is an interesting twist where you put the crayons in the over or microwave first.  Then use the melty crayons to “paint” the rock.


Friendship Bracelets via Parents

We were making these last year while camping.  They were harder to do than I remember.  Lyla could sort of do it last year with guidance.  Maybe this year she’ll be a little better.  I mean, she’s had tons of practice with her rainbow loom.


Marshmallow Straw Structures via Make and Take

I love a free form craft that requires little of the parents.  This is fun because they can eat it too.


DIY Water Fall via TinkerLab

Slow down water police!  I have an idea for the water.  When you and your family warm up the shower or bath, put a bucket in to catch the water.  Then use that for this cool Water Fall wall.  Let the kids decide where the bottles should be placed.  Fun!


Easy Kids Mural via The Phillips Family

Great outside activity!  I love the scraps of tissue paper for the flowers.  They could paint recycle paper too.


Printable Bored Checklist via Simple as That

If all else fails, print out this free printable.

If you need more inspo you can follow my Kids Craft/Acticity Ideas board here, and find all my boards and pins here.

Stay cool ladies!




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