Date Night In

10360464_145636342273452_3305957842271388988_n I am so excited to tell you that Sacramento Parent Magazine published my article!  Woohoo!

When they contacted me and asked me to write about the importance of group date nights, I felt a little bit like a liar.  While I absolutely agree that date nights in any form are very important to a relationship and a persons psyche, I don’t get to have them as often as I should.

I have a good friend that has a standing babysitter every Friday night.  I think this is an awesome idea if you can swing it.  She and her hubby don’t have a date night each Friday, sometimes it’s a group thing, and sometimes she goes out with her girlfriends and he with his buddies.  Either way, they are able to cut loose and realize that there is more to them than the kids, work, and the stresses of everyday life.

Writing this article really made me realize that I needed to focus more on making moments with my hubby count.  While I love getting to try a new spot or see a new movie, I don’t think you need to go out to have a date night.  There are too many nights when my hubby and I are home, but doing our own thing, sometimes in separate rooms and sometimes sitting right next to each other.  We need to have more Date Night Ins.  These are no sitter required.  Just make sure your kids get to bed by 7:30 or so.

Here are a few of my “Date Night In” ideas:


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  • Get a book!  When Nick and I were first married I bought this book of questions.  The questions in this book covered a ton of topics from money to romance to personal history.  I new some of his answers and other’s I thought I knew but was wrong.  We would choose a number at random and answer five or so of the questions in succession.  I always wrote down the gist of both our answers.  Throughout the (almost) nine years we’ve been together we’ve gone back and used the book.  It’s so interesting to see how our answers have changed over the years.
  • Play a board game!  Yes, a two person board game.  There aren’t many of these, but we’ve put together puzzles, played cards, Boggle, Trivial pursuit, Sequence, Scrabble, Imaginiff, Cranium, and Balderdash.  A lot of these are for more than four players. but you just have to make it work.  It’s more about having fun than following the strict rules.  Twister anyone??
  • Make a goal board.  From time to time, I feel like my personal goals change.  I know it’s the same for my hubby’s personal goals and for our goals as a couple.  Over a few weeks start to stalk pile some magazines.  Buy a poster board and draw the inner lines of a peace sign on it.  Get two pairs of scissors and some glue.  Sit at the kitchen table with your spouse and cut out images or words that mean something to your goals right now.  Show them to each other and talk about why that’s important to you.  Also, make a pile of common goals or goals you each want for your relationship or shared future.  Then glue them on your poster board in your respective spaces and your family space.  Hang it in a place where only the two of you (or your kids) will see it.  It’s personal and it’s something to work hard for.

What do you do for a Date Night In?

Join us for a super fun group date night August 9th at Harlow’s in Sacramento for the Mustache Harbor Show!




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